Zendaya Experiences The Trials Of Air Travel & Shares Pics!

Traveling this holiday season? You're certainly not alone! Zendaya recently spent some time at the airport where she underwent a hilarious experience that only comes with air travel!zendaya luggage airport funny

Zendaya posted two photos, bundled up in an army green jacket and a black scarf and beanie. 

"When you spot your bag at baggage claim and someone touches it…" she commented alongside the photos.

In the first image, she gazes off into the distance with a disgruntled look on her face. In the next, she tilts her head in disbelief as a stranger handles her bags!zendaya travel airport bag check

We've totally been there, Z! Comment below and let us know if this has ever happen to you, and share your own reaction photos with us at Sweety High