Here's Everything You Need to Know About 'The POV Girl' Bailey Spinn

There's a good reason Bailey Spinn, also known as "The POV Girl," is one of the biggest names on TikTok.

Bailey absolutely radiates confidence through her edgy style choices—and by showing off her bright purple hair—and her reaction to all of the latest filters and trends that predict different aspects of her future are hilarious and relatable. It's no shock, then, that she has 11.1 million loyal followers, and counting. We love a girl who shines with positivity, and here's all the  fun trivia Bailey shared with us as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Bailey Spinn trivia Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Lindsey Ruth)

Name: Bailey Rose Spinnenweber

Hometown: Centreville, Virginia

Birthday: August 5th

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. Bailey's favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.

"I grew up being totally obsessed with mermaids, fairies and anything magical. I remember watching it for the first time on a VHS tape and I was so enchanted by it! Ariel is still my favorite Disney princess to this day plus 'Under The Sea' is one of the best songs ever created."

-Bailey Spinn


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2. Dynasty is her current Netflix obsession.

"I love Elizabeth Gillies and all of the drama that happens during the show. There is never a dull moment, which is great because I have a hard time watching things all the way through. I've already watched the whole show, but I'm doing it a second time!"

-Bailey Spinn

3. She constantly has the song "Decode" by Paramore playing on a loop in her head.

"I have a passion for rock music plus her vocals are just insane. I love Hayley Williams so much!"

-Bailey Spinn

4. Bailey says that lifting weights is her strangest hobby.

"I'm always up for a challenge and picking up things that weigh double what I do is incredibly fun to me. I go to the gym almost every single day—it's a great way to release all the stress and anxiety!"

-Bailey Spinn


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5. The Arctic Monkeys is her favorite band of all time.

"I discovered them my freshman year of college while in the car, and it slowly turned into an obsession. I know almost every song on all of their albums, and can play a few on the guitar!"

-Bailey Spinn

6. Bailey's go-to nail polish color is lilac purple.

"It goes with almost every outfit no matter the color, and adds a little pop to match my purple hair."

-Bailey Spinn

7. She's obsessed with chips and salsa.

"I go through salsa jars almost every other day. I've probably bought at least six so far this month. Something just hits so different about it every single time. I also have a weird thing for tortillas and tortilla chips!"

-Bailey Spinn

8. She loves coloring her hair.

"The majority of people love my brightly colored hair, but not everyone. I've gotten a lot of comments of people asking me to make my hair blonde again because they liked it more. But I feel the most confident with purple hair, so good thing it is on my head and not theirs!"

-Bailey Spinn


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9. Romance is her absolute favorite movie genre.

"I grew up watching all of the teen romance movies I could find. I would search for new ones to watch almost every day. I've probably seen almost every one ever made. I still love to watch people fall in love and all the cute things that happen in between!"

-Bailey Spinn

10. She couldn't live without her favorite mascara.

"I wear it almost every single day and it makes the biggest difference to me. Dark looks are my favorite, and they just wouldn't make sense without mascara. Plus, it can also be used as eyeliner!"

-Bailey Spinn


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11. Bailey isn't afraid to share that she struggles with her self-image a lot.

"On social media I usually appear to be confident and ready to attack anything, but that's not always how it is in real life. I always want to promote confidence and happiness to my followers, but a lot of the time social media is not real. No one is perfect, even people who put themselves online every single day."

-Bailey Spinn


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