Bailey Stender Talks Wolf Pack and Relating to Her Character, Phoebe

Paramount+'s supernatural teen drama Wolf Pack has been one of the breakout series of the year, with characters we can't get enough of and an iconic cast more than deserving of its nomination in last night's MTV Movie and TV Awards.

The story follows a group of teenagers whose lives are irrevocably changed after a forest fire drives a werewolf out of the woods. When Everett and Blake are bitten, not only do they gain mysterious powers—and a unique psychic connection—but they're told that the werewolf will return before the full moon to finish them off. In the show, actress Bailey Stender plays Phoebe Caldwell, the ex-best friend of Blake, whose relationship with the new werewolf is much more complicated than first meets the eye. We got the chance to chat with Bailey all about her acting career and what Wolf Pack means to her in the interview below.

Sweety High: When did you discover your passion for acting? Was there any specific a-ha moment that made you realize it was the path for you?

Bailey Stender: I was incredibly shy up until about age 7, when my parents decided to put me in an acting class to break me out of my shell. It worked! I fell in love with theater and have been acting ever since. I think I knew very early on that this was what I wanted to do. I remember after performing in a musical in high school, my brother and grandpa both left the theater crying. In that moment, I realized the impact performing can have on people, and I knew it was my calling to be a part of art that has a greater purpose—art that inspires.

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SH: Were you interested at all in werewolf lore and mythological stories before getting involved in Wolf Pack? What drew you to the role?

BS: I used to watch none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer growing up! I think mythological stories are so cool because the fantasy elevates the story. I love that stories like Wolf Pack can transport audiences to a mythical land while feeling so real. I knew I especially had to take the role when I saw Jeff Davis was the mastermind behind it all. He is a true icon.


SH: Can you tell us about your character, Phoebe? How does her character fit into the wider narrative of Wolf Pack?

BS: Phoebe is Blake's former best friend. She has a bit of a feud with the pack because Harlan has hooked up with her ex-boyfriend, and Phoebe is secretly in love with her former best friend, Blake. Phoebe wears a metaphorical mask throughout the show, trying to exhibit a tough exterior, when really she's just hurting.

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SH: Do you see yourself in Phoebe at all? In what ways are you most similar and most different?

BS: I think we can all relate to Phoebe in feeling the need to put on a mask to cover up our true feelings at times. In high school, I probably seemed like the happiest person but was hurting on the inside. Now, I'm lucky enough to be able to show my true self and feel happy and comfortable in my own skin, but that took a lot of time and healing.


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SH: What's been your most memorable moment from the set so far?

BS: Filming Episodes 5 and 6 was such a blast because we had almost the entire cast there, filming all at once! It was like a big cast reunion and pool party. We had back-to-back overnights for those episodes, so we all really got to know each other. It was such a special time. I pulled tarot cards for half of the cast, and we all really just bonded.

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SH: What has been your favorite fan reaction to the series so far?

BS: Honestly, all of the fan reactions have been so wonderful! Phoebe is definitely not the most likable person at first, so I was nervous she would get a lot of hate. But I was wrong! People see through her tough exterior and into her soft heart. I've been so lucky to have people love Phoebe and love the show even more.


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