Baker Grace Reveals the Real-Life Events That Culminated in Her New Single, 'Midnight Thoughts'

If you've ever stayed up all night with every possible thought running through your head, you're going to love Baker Grace's new song, "Midnight Thoughts."

The singer-songwriter and New Jersey native is no stranger to the pop stage, but we think her latest releases just might be the most relatable, and it's our favorite yet. We got the chance to catch up with Baker to find out all about how the song came to be, and the advice she has for anyone else dealing with their own "midnight thoughts."

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process of "Midnight Thoughts" like? What specific feelings did you want to channel in the track, and what does the song mean to you?

Baker Grace: I went over to one of my favorite songwriter-guitarists, Michael Tigue's, apartment with this idea of "Midnight Thoughts" stuck in my head. I was feeling pretty down on myself that day realizing I had been caught up in stress and anxiety and missing out on life and not being there for people I love. When Michael started playing his riff on the guitar, the words just started flowing out of me. I think my intention in writing the song was just to get those feelings off my chest. When we took it to the studio, I was in a much better place and I wanted the song to represent the power that comes from admitting your mistakes and growing forward, so we turned it into a banger.

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SH: Was this song inspired by a real relationship?

BG: Yes, this song was inspired by a real relationship. The whole song is inspired by real-life events, even the line about crashing the car. I wanted to show my character and personality and show people a look into my life, which is something I have been afraid to do in my music in the past.


SH: Do you consider yourself a big overthinker? Do you often find that you can't sleep because you have too many thoughts on your mind?

BG: I feel like my mind is always running a million miles a minute. I have so many ideas and I'm just constantly getting inspired by the world and people around me. I definitely have a tendency to overanalyze and obsess over certain situations or mistakes I make. I have learned to create stories in my head to put myself to sleep at night, so I am not bombarded with a bunch of racing thoughts, but I definitely have nights where lyrics and melodies pop into my head and I have to keep waking up to record them.


SH: Do you have any advice for others who deal with something similar?

BG: Movement (yoga specifically), meditation and journaling really changed my life. The parts that really helped were:

1. Realizing that I had control over what thoughts and feelings I paid my attention to and…

2. Realizing that not every feeling, thought, emotion or situation needs an immediate reaction or any response at all.

My advice to anyone like me would be to practice being still and sitting with your thoughts, and writing your thoughts and feelings down instead of keeping them in. Challenge the parts of your brain that want to keep moving and keep thinking. That's the only way you'll realize what's really important so you can clear your mind and let go of the things that aren't going away.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song? Why?

BG: My favorite lyric is the first line of the song: "I always worry about the things that never happen." I have spent way too much of my life living in fear and trying to control my future and admitting that to myself was really powerful. I hope others can relate.


SH: How is this song different from what you've released in the past? Do you feel like your music is moving in a new direction?

BG: I think this song really shows my character as an artist. I have a lot more knowledge on production than ever before and I feel like I'm finally able to communicate exactly what I want and blend all my favorite influences (pop, rock, hip hop, singer-songwriter) together and create something unique to me. The lyrics are also becoming more conversational and personality-driven, as I get more comfortable sharing that part of myself with the world.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

BG: Stay tuned! There will be a lot more music coming in the new year. I really feel I'm coming into my own artist and taking control back into my own hands. I can't wait to keep creating and sharing. I hope this song reminds you to live in the present and let yourself feel the love that's around you and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these crazy times.


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