These Bald Pets Prove Animals Don't Need Fur (or Feathers) to Be Beautiful

Pets come in all shapes, sizes and shades, but right now I'm particularly obsessed with the ones of the hairless (and featherless) variety.

If you're not convinced that cats and dogs without fur can be cute, this list will sway you.


Ludwik the Guinea Pig

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Ludwik is a "skinny pig," a type of mostly hairless guinea pig that's growing in popularity. Skinny pigs usually have a bit of fur on their faces and feet, but not elsewhere. Even without fur, Ludwik is more stylish than most.

Rhea the Lovebird

The sweet lovebird Rhea has psittacine beak and feather disease, which can cause feathers to fall out in certain bird species. Thankfully, she has a lot of fans, and they love sending her specially made tiny sweaters to keep her warm when it gets chilly.


Shiro the Sphinx

Sphinxes are a hairless breed of cat known for their sleek appearance, pointy ears and prominent forehead wrinkles. They actually have small, fine hairs covering their body and come in a variety of colors. Shiro here is a particularly photogenic one.


Seppe the Hamster

A genetic mutation causes some hamsters, like Seppe, to be totally hairless. But it doesn't stop them from living as long as other hamsters. As long as they're kept warm in the winter, they can lead happy and healthy lives.


Flynn the Chinese Crested Dog

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Flynn is a Chinese Crested dog, which come in two varieties. The "powder puff" version is as fluffy as a regular dog, while the "hairless" version tends to only have fur on the head, tail and feet. While hairless members of the breed frequently win the World's Ugliest Dog contest, some of them are quite beautiful.


Luthor the Rat

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Luthor is a hairless rat, also known as a sphynx rat. As in the skinny pigs and hairless hamsters, rats become hairless because of a rare gene. That won't keep this little guy from being adorable (and taking down Superman while he's at it).


Tiny the Rabbit

In some animals, the genetic mutation that results in hairlessness can also make the animal weaker in other ways and make it harder for them to survive. But this adorable hairless funny, Tiny is a fighter.


Elvis the Parrot

Elvis the noble macaw doesn't have a mutation or virus that causes his feathers to fall out. When birds get stressed, they can sometimes resort to plucking out their own feathers as a coping mechanism. Elvis doesn't have all of his feathers, but he's sweet and super adorable.



Loki the Sphinx is basically a hairless Grumpy Cat.


And one more precious Sphinx kitten for the road!


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