Ballerinas Unite! These Are the Cutest Instagram Captions For Your Ballet Posts

If you're a dancer, it's safe to say you know all about the world of dance.

You've probably tried it all: jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, ballet and so on. You may have even tried to get into sports once, but found yourself leaping across the field instead of catching or kicking the ball.

If ballet is your go-to, these are the cutest Instagram captions for your ballet posts:

For the post of you being super extra and showing off your flexibility:

"Me vs. normal people."

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For when you took time off to socialize with people outside of dance, but now it's catching up to you:

"Didn't stretch this weekend. I've lost my ability to grand bat ma."


For the pic of you post-class, looking like you're about to pass out:

"My workouts are harder than The Hunger Games."


For when you want to show off your insane muscles to prove that dance is a sport:

"It's not on a field. It's not on a court. But trust me, it's a sport."


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For when you're being quippy and finally post a pic for your friends of you doing the splits:

"Yes, I can do the splits. No, I will not show you."


For the photo of you at a competition or performance in full glam:

"I got 99 bobby pins and can't find one."


For the video of you doing pirouettes:

"No I can't catch a ball, but can you do a pirouette? Didn't think so."


For when you're inhaling fast-food post-rehearsal:

"Tbh the only reason I dance is so I can eat Chick-fil-A every day."


For that photo of you in a completely unnatural position, sporting your pointe shoes:

"My life consists of sugar, bobby pins and blisters."


For the pic of you hanging out at the studio, AKA your second home:

"I can't, I have dance."

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