Here's How to Rock the Banana Leaf Print Trend Like a Celeb

What is a banana leaf? More importantly, why have we been eyeing this colorful print everywhere?

Banana leaf print

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From your favorite celebrity's pajama set to fun cell phone cases, banana leaf print has been everywhere lately and we can't get enough, ourselves! This print is said to have originated from the iconic (and celebrity favorite) Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Wherever it comes from, we are happy this trend is here to stay. Read on for our favorite items featuring this bright, leafy green print!


Cell Phone Case

Banana Leaf Cell Phone Case

(via Zazzle)

Cell phone cases are one of the easiest accessories you can use to showcase your personal style. No matter your school dress code or uniform, a cell phone case can put a twist on an otherwise mundane outfit. Cases are also an easy way to buy into trends without committing to them too much. No need to dress head to toe in this new print—a small accessory like your cell case will let everybody know that you have your finger on the pulse of what's hot!

Sleep Mask

Banana Leaf Print Sleep Mask

(via Sant and Abel)

Sydney-based brand Sant and Abel bring you their Martinique-inspired banana leaf eye mask. This Aussie company is all about classic, yet sophisticated sleepwear. In fact, this is the same print you may have spied on your favorite Kardashian. The cute soft pink accents and embroidery, along with padding, make it a bedtime dream! Shhh…

A-Line Dress

Banana Leaf A-line Dress

(via Maykool)

This on-trend dress has the perfect shape for any body type. The price tag is also something we can live with, clocking in at under $30. The A-line accentuates your waist and the favorable length makes it a great option for both day and night. If you opt to wear a fully printed dress, make sure you keep the accessories to a minimum. You don't want the look to be overpowering. Remember: There is such a thing as too much of a good print!

Travel Umbrella

Banana Leaf Umbrella

(via Jet)

We are all for cheeky travel accessories! What better way to show your style while you are on a trip than with amazing umbrella that can collapse to fit in your pocket. Don't be fooled by it's portability, the umbrella can also extend to 23 inches for perfect protection from rain. The design features modern banana leaves with drops of moisture. We can't think of a more fashionable way to keep our toppers dry!

One Piece Swimsuit

Banana Leaf Swim suit

(via Swim Outlet)

Last but definitely not least, we suggest an on-trend swimsuit. The garment can double as a bodysuit top under jeans or a skirt. The one-piece version by Stone Fox Swim is a great option, but if you are more of a bikini girl, opt for a halter version. This way you can double up on the suit's wear by using the halter in lieu of a crop top. This option will bode well under denim jackets, paired with longer bottoms.
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