Show Off Your Band Tee With One of These Killer Instagram Captions

If you have an obsession with band tees, you are far from alone.

Our closets are full of all sorts of graphic T-shirts, but a majority of them feature bands! And no, we can't name three songs from each artist, but who cares! If this at all sounds like you, you've come to the right place. The next time you wear a band tee, snap a pic and share it with the world using one of these Instagram captions.

For when your fave band is plastered on your shirt:

"Can you tell what my favorite band is?"

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For that photo of you wearing a vintage find:

"It's vintage—duh."


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For when you're at a concert wearing the shirt you just bought:

"Did you even go to the concert if you didn't buy a T-shirt?"


For that picture of a band tee you thrifted:

"Since I know you're going to ask, NO—it's not from Urban Outfitters."


For when you're wearing your dad's shirt:

"I know I'm not the only one who raids their dad's closet in search of vintage band tees…"

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For that picture of you wearing a band tee again:

"A band tee a day keeps the doctor away… right?"


For when you're always in a band tee:

"Band tees are my personal brand."


For when you're wearing a band tee, denim shorts and Docs:

"Band tee, denim shorts and Docs… name a better combo. I'll wait!"


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For that photo of you looking amazing in your band tee:

"You can always find me rocking a band tee (pun definitely intended!)."


For when you're making a rock-on hand gesture:

"Rock and roll, baby."


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