Up Your Workout Gear Game With These Stunning Sets From Bandit Queen

I'd consider myself to lead a pretty active lifestyle.

I get some sort of workout in usually three to four days a week, which I think is pretty good! I'm not in the stage where I'm trying to lose weight, rather, I'm just trying to maintain my healthy body, all while enjoying the things I loveā€”and working out has become one of those things. I feelĀ so good after a sweat sesh and feel like I can take on the world.

But do you know what makes those workouts even better? A cute outfit to go with it, duh. The team over at Bandit Queen (a fitness apparel brand) sent meĀ tons of matching sets, and I have since thrown out my old workout gear. Below, you'll find some of my top picks from Bandit Queen. Trust me, you'll not only look cuter but your workout game will get better, too.

Tori Set: $44.99

I'm always skeptical when it comes to lighter-colored workout sets. TheĀ last thing I wantĀ is to wear something see-through, but all of the lighter-colored sets Bandit Queen sent me were notĀ super see-through. There's a little bit of a sheer aspect in the bum area, but it's not that badā€”I've worn mine to the gym and haven't received any weird stares. I haven't tried out this specific set, but if it's anything like the other light one I've tried, I'm sure it'sĀ perfect. I'm loving the fit of everythingā€”it's tight, a little bit sexy and looksĀ superĀ comfyā€”the perfect recipe for a killer workout.

tori set bandit queen

(via Bandit Queen)


Trisha Seamless Set: $49.99

I'm typically a sports bra and leggings sort of girl, but Bandit Queen makes someĀ stunning sets featuring long sleeves. IĀ love the Trisha Seamless set they sent me especiallyā€”the zipper detail on the cropped long sleeve is cute and can be opened if you get too hot or over-exerted. I've worn this with a sports bra underneath and felt great. The seamless aspect was really comfortable and I think it's my new favorite fabric to work out in. I never got too overheated in this and the whole set absorbed my sweat right on up. The best part has to be theĀ leggingsā€”they go over my belly button which isĀ key for me.

trisha set bandit queen

(via Bandit Queen)


Evelyn Seamless Scooped Neck Set: $44.99

Next up is the Evelyn Seamless setā€”if you can't tell, the seamless sets from Bandit Queen are a go-to of mine. I was sent this set in theĀ baby pink, but it's also available in light grey, purple, teal and light green. The scoop neck really showed off my assets and the thumb holes kept my hands warm throughout the day. I didn't work out in this set,Ā but I didĀ lounge around the house in it. It was very comfortable and showed offĀ just the right amount of midsection.

evelyn set bandit queen

(via Bandit Queen)


Ananya Black Seamless Sports Bra and Legging: $24.99Ā and $34.99

Last but certainly not least is my absolute favorite ofĀ everything I was sentā€”the Ananya Seamless set. I can't even begin to describe how perfect this set was madeā€”IĀ swear they made it exactly for me and my body. The leggings are snug and hug all my curves, while the bra holds up my girls and keeps them in place. I've worn this multiple times already and want it inĀ 10 more colors! And since it's seamless, you can wear it all day long without getting uncomfortable. I swear I would even sleep in this! I'm a medium across the board, but if you're in between sizes, I'd definitely size up.

ananya set bandit queen

(via Bandit Queen)


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