Our Ranking of the 9 Best Five-Member Music Groups Throughout History

Many-a-music group have been a huge part of our lives and shaped the very people we are today.

From Fifth Harmony and The Spice Girls to One Direction and The Backstreet Boys, these are the nine five-member bands throughout history we will listen to forever.


1. Fifth Harmony

That was littttt thank you #727TourUncasville ????

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Why we ♥️ them: These girls are always inspiring us to love ourselves and embrace our inner beauty. Not to mention, they are the true definition of strong and independent females.

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2. R5

Why we ♥️ them: Their music is basically the soundtrack to our lives and they're major #siblinggoals. We really can't imagine a world where this band doesn't exist and, quite frankly, we don't want to.


3. One Direction

#TBT to #1DOrlando. Are you ready for the #1DTVSpecial next Tuesday, USA?

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Why we ♥️ them: Come on, it's One Direction. Do we even need to explain why these boys hold a special place in our hearts? 


4. Pentatonix

Porto, we had an amazing time last night! THANK YOU!! #PTXWorldTour

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Why we ♥️ them: If ever there was a musical group that inspired us to use our voices for the greater good, it would be these lovely gents and lady.


5. L2M

Just a casual group photo ???????? what's everyone up to today??

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Why we ♥️ them: These girlies may be relatively new to the music industry, but we have no doubts that they'll take it over very soon with all the stellar tunes they release.


6. The Wanted

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Why we ♥️ them: Yes, we love both The Wanted and One Direction. We really do miss these guys a ton, so hopefully a reunion is in the works.


7. The Spice Girls


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Why we ♥️ them: They pretty much laid the foundation for every girl group that followed, including Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. Without them, girl power wouldn't be what it is today.



It's that time of year!! #ItsGonnaBeMay #NSYNC

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Why we ♥️ them: Before the days of 1D and The Wanted, there was these guys. Your older sister was for sure obsessed with them, much like us. And without them, the "Gonna Be May" meme wouldn't be a thing.


9. The Backstreet Boys

So we hear @mtv #vmas2016 nominations are being announced today… Good luck everyone!! It's a wild ride ????

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Why we ♥️ them: Much like *NSYNC, they are the founding fathers of the boy bands that have come after them. We're still convinced we're going to marry one of them. It can totally happen. DON'T TELL US IT CAN'T!


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