Banga Banga Music Video By Austin Mahone!

Austin Mahone new Banga Banga music video has finally been released and fans across the world are already loving it!Banga Banga Music Video

The video takes place in a skate park painted with brightly colored graffiti, which closely matches the color scheme of the neon-colored "Banga Banga" single art!

"Banga Banga" is the second single off Austin's upcoming debut album, which is rumored to be called Junior Year!

In the video, Austin shows off his best dance moves with his friends as a love story unwinds. Austin does what he can to woo a girl, including driving her around in his Jeep. By the way, Austin finally got his drivers license in September after failing the test twice!

The video also features raps by Sean Garrett, who also produced on the track!

"I see it kind of fun because I think the song is not really that serious. It's not a serious, serious song," Austin told MTV News last month. "It's fun and loose, so I mean, I see the video definitely a lot of dancing, a lot of smiling, just a fun video. It can be real loose and real cool."

We love the direction of this new music video! If you're a proud Mahomie, be sure to join our community at Sweety High!