These New Barbies Are NOT What You're Used To

Big changes are coming to Barbie! The new range of Barbie Fashionistas features dolls that have a few features that make them different from any Barbies we've seen before. Here are a few things we'll FINALLY be able to do with our Barbie dolls.

Barbie can finally wear FLATS like a normal person. At long last, Barbie has articulation in the ankle that allows you to put her feet into a flat position. Yay!

barbie wearing flats fashionistas line 2015

(via Seventeen)

2. For the first time ever, Barbie won't have to scuba dive, discover the mysterious of outer space, or fight dangerous fires in the highest of high heels.

barbies jobs astronauts scuba dive fire fighter heels fashionistas line 2015

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Of course, Barbie's heel can click back into the high heel position we all know and love when the occasion calls for it.

barbie fashionistas line 2015 heels

(via Seventeen)

These Barbies are going to be more representative of real girls than ever before. The collection features 8 skin tones, 14 different face shapes, 18 eye colors, 22 hair styles and 23 hair colors. That's 1,020,096 potential Barbies right there, and we're not even talking about clothes.

barbie fashionista line 2015 representative barbies

(via Barbie Collector)

You can even get a doll with a Demi Lovato-style undercut. So sweet.

barbie with undercut fashionistas line 2015

(via Papusilemele)

So, for the first time, your Barbie will actually stand out if it falls into a pile of Barbie dolls. You'll be able to spot your doll in a second!

It's a huge step in the right direction. Next up, maybe Barbies can have more realistic proportions? We LOVE what the Lammily doll is doing in that area…

lammily doll fashionista barbie line

What do you think of the new dolls? Tell us in the comments and have your friends weigh in!