Every Obsessed TikTok Scroller Should Be Using These Basic Features

We spend way more time scrolling through TikTok than we'd like to admit, and by now, we feel like we've got it down to a science.

If we're going to be wasting our time, we might as well be wasting it efficiently, and that means not spending any more time on videos than we want to and tailoring our feeds to truly be "For Us." There are a number of basic features on TikTok that we use every day that not everyone knows about, and if you might be among them, just keep scrolling to learn more.

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Accessing the Menu

One reason that not everyone utilizes these features is that they're kind of hidden. To access the menu where all of these features live, simply press and hold the screen on any video on your FYP. Ad videos will limit your options a bit, but everything else will give you options to report or save the video, as well as share, repost and send to friends—but it's the other options here that are going to change the way you browse.

TikTok press and Hold menu

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Avoiding Sounds

If you spend any amount of time on TikTok, chances are that you'll soon encounter TikTok sounds you simply can't stand, especially because the more viral sounds get, the more likely you are to hear them over and over again. If you refuse to hear that one song one more time, there's a way to block it.

Start by accessing the menu mentioned above before hitting "Not Interested." Once that hides the video, a little pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen, reading, "We'll show you fewer videos like this." There's also the word "Details" with an arrow, so click that to take you to the next menu. From there, you can select "Don't show videos with the previously used sound," and from here on out, your ears will be blessed by your FYP no longer showing you videos using that unwanted noise.

TikTok Not Interested Menu

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Avoiding Creators

No matter how good the TikTok algorithm gets, it can't always prevent you from seeing creators you're just not interested in. Whether they give you the ick, you find them boring or you know them personally and don't need that in your life, you can make them go away using almost the exact same method outlined above. Again, go to the menu and click "Not Interested," and then the "Details" pop-up, but this time, click "Don't show videos from the previous creator." While this won't block stitches or duets featuring your unwanted creator (unfortunately), it will prevent their videos from directly popping up on your For Your Page.


Playback Speed

We still don't understand why only some videos have a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to pick your spot to jump ahead or skip back, but at least we can change the playback speed of videos. Playback Speed is one of the main options on the aforementioned menu, and you can simply tap it to either play a video at 1.5 or double speed to get through it faster, or halve it if you want to see something in slow-mo or need extra time to process what's being said in a video.

TikTok Playback Speed Options

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Clear Display

As much as we love TikTok, it can get frustrating that there are so many menus and so much text on the screen at all times—especially when it's blocking important parts of a video. That's where Clear Display comes in. It's accessed via the same menu, and you just have to tap it to remove the profile icon, the buttons to access likes, comments, favorites and shares, plus the username, caption and sound details. Unfortunately, this doesn't get rid of the Live icon, the Following and For You menus and the search bar at the top of the screen, and you have to select this again anytime you scroll to a new video, but it's something!

Sweety High TikTok video on clear mode

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