10 Perfect Instagram Captions to Accompany Your Bat Mitzvah Photos

With so many prayers to recite, family and friends to greet and makeup to reapply, the last thing on your mind at your Bat Mitzvah is coming up with the perfect captions for the slew of snapshots you take on your big day.

We get it, your Bat Mitzvah is, up to this point, the most monumental moment of your life, and it should be adequately captured in all of its glory. That's why we're taking one step out of your stressful to-do list by creating just the right Instagram captions for any given shot on this holy day of commitment to Adonai.

Keep reading for 10 perfect Instagram captions to accompany all of your Bat Mitzvah photos:

For the photo of you proudly standing at the bima with yad in hand:

"A great accomplishment shouldn't be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward."

-Harvey Mackay


For the photo of you wrapped around pops during the adorable daddy-daughter dance at your reception:

"Dad is and always will be my living, breathing superhero."

-Bindi Irwin

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For the shot of you stuffing your face with bagels, lox and cream cheese in the synagogue social hall after you complete your service:

"Have some more chicken
Have some more pie
It doesn't matter
If it's boiled or fried
Just eat it, just eat it."

-"Eat It" by "Weird Al" Yankovic


For the image of you strutting your stuff in your epic Bat Mitzvah dress:

"It don't matter what you wear, they're checking out your savoir faire. And it don't matter what you do, 'cause everything looks good on you."

-"Supermodel" by RuPaul


For the obligatory family photo:

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family."

-Anthony Brandt


For the shot of you nervously smiling while being lifted into the air during the Hora:

"I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing."

-"Learning to Fly" by Tom Petty


For the pic of the table filled with much-deserved congratulatory gifts from your guests:

"You know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl."

-"Material Girl" by Madonna


For the photo of you and your squad getting down to '24K Magic' at the reception:

"I try to dress classy and dance cheesy."



For the shot of your BFF lighting her honor candle:

"I can fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings."

-"Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler


For the picture of you making your grand entrance into the reception:

"I see you look me up and down, and I came to party."

-"Naughty Girl" by Beyoncé


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