Bath & Body Works' New Open Sky Scent Is the Perfect Transition From Summer to Fall

If there's any brand that'constantly updating their amazing product lineup and releasing new, deliciously scented goodies faster than we can keep up, it's got to be Bath & Body Works.

Their latest fabulous, launched Aug. 2 is called Open Sky, and Bath & Body Works were generous enough to send me a big care package to try out the  fresh new fragrance in all of its incredible forms. Curious about what it really means to smell like the open sky? Keep reading to find out.

The Scent

Open Sky is a scent designed to emulate—you guessed it—a bold, blue sky full of fluffy clouds. The result is something almost cotton-candy like, with hints of vanilla mixed with tart blackberries, and backed by gently floral violet, for something that's a little sugary, without being sickly sweet. The clean and refreshing smell is just perfect for this time of transition between summer and fall—and we're coming into blackberry season in my neck of the woods, so it'just right.

All of it comes in elegant packaging with shiny bronze foil and a Bob Ross-worthy mountain landscape that perfectly evokes the start of autumn. In addition to the products I tried below, they also have shower gels, lotions, room sprays, body washes and more. And if you're really into the show Open Sky thing, Bath & Body Works even has an Open Sky-themed playlist on Spotify  full of dreamy, optimistic tracks about the sky and fresh air to pair with the scents.


Open Sky Fine Fragrance Mist: $15.50

I've recently become a bit obsessed with Bath & Body Works' fine fragrance mists, and this Open Sky fragrance is no exception. The mist comes out light, but concentrated, for full coverage, and while the alcohol in the mist gives it a slightly perfumey fragrance at first, that quickly gives way to the fresh, fruity scent of Open Sky . It's even got aloe in it, so it soothes while it fragrances.

Bath and Body works open sky fine fragrance mist

(via Bath & Body Works)


Open Sky Cleansing Body Mousse: $16.50

This was my first foray into Bath & Body Works' body mousses, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but after taking my first shower with it, I was absolutely hooked. Just press down on the nozzle for a burst of the foamy mousse and wash. This mousse may have the purest version of the scent of the items I've tried, with the vanilla and blackberry really coming through. it's also amazing for shaving, leaving me with silky smooth results and no razor burn in sight. It also includes aloe and vitamin E for nourishing your skin.

Bath and Body works open sky cleansing body mousse

(via Bath & Body Works)


Open Sky Ultimate Hydration Body Cream: $15.50

A girl can never have enough lotions and body creams, and this one's just been bumped to the top of my priority list. It smells delicious, first and foremost, while also offering creamy moisture and instant relief for dry hands, knees, elbows and more. The combination of hyaluronic acid and shea butter make it great for skin, and I can't wait to use it all up. Bath and Body works open sky body cream

(via Bath & Body Works)


Open Sky Wallflowers Fragrance Refill: $7.50

When I'm not actively washing or spraying myself with fragrance, Bath & Body Works' wallflowers might be my favorite method of taking in their incredible scents. There's nothing quite like walking into a room and being greeted with an amazing smell, and this plug-in refill allows you to do just that. I keep mine on the lowest setting so it lasts and lasts, and it's great for bathrooms or other sometimes-stinky areas, because it actually masking scents instead of just mingling with them.

Bath and Body Works open sky wallflowers

(via Bath & Body Works)


Open Sky 3-Wick Candle : $25.50

Since I've started working from home, I've become a big candle enthusiast who's got one burning most of the time while I'm at my desk, and this Open Sky candle has to be one of my favorites from the brand yet. The violet and blackberry scent is diffused throughout the room with the help of three wicks for more fragrance, and it's delicate without being underwhelming. And, like all of Bath & Body Works' 3-wick candles, this one goes and goes and goes, so you can rely on it burning for at least 24 hours—though with proper treatment of the candle, you can make it last almost twice that long.

Bath and Body works 3 wick candle

(via Bath & Body Works)


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