Use One of These Instagram Captions the Next Time You Shop at Bath & Body Works

There's just something so special about Bath & Body Works, don't you think?

From the mesmerizing smells to the joyous workers, we always have a good experience when we shop there. If you feel like flaunting your loot the next time you're at the store, why not show it off on IG? Here are some amazing Instagram caption ideas for the next time you're at Bath & Body Works.

For when you're obsessed with their pumpkin products:

"All pumpkin, all the time."


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For when you're having the best day:

"This is my happy place."



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For when you're lighting one of their famous 3-wick candles:

"Name a better candle… I'll wait!"



For when you have a big smile on your face when leaving the store:

"Bath & Body Works never disappoints."



For when you have a different hand sanitizer in your car, room, bathroom, purse and backpack:

"Yes, I have a hand sanitizer for every occasion."


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For when you're obsessed with Bath & Body Works:

"Bury me at Bath & Body Works."



For when your paycheck goes directly to Bath & Body Works:

"Help, I've fallen into Bath & Body Works and can't stop spending my money."



For when you always have a candle lit:

"A candle a day keeps the doctor away."



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For when you're showing off the latest Bath & Body Works fragrance:

"If you know, you know."



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