Love Taking Baths? Here Are All of the Health Benefits, According to an Expert

Here at Sweety High, we're big believers in the idea that taking a warm, luxurious bath is a form of self-care.

Baths—especially ones accompanied by gorgeous aromatherapeutic scents—make us feel more relaxed, refreshed and rested, but until recently, we didn't exactly know why that was the case. That's precisely why we took the time to have a chat with Gregory Macdonald, founder and CEO of Bathorium. He let us in on some of the reasoning behind the magic of baths and told us how to get the most out of every bathing experience.

Sweety High: What are the known health benefits of taking baths, both mentally and physically? Where do these benefits come from, and are there any practices we can do to get the most out of bath time?

Gregory Macdonald: Bath time is equally beneficial both for the bather's physical wellbeing as well as a chance to mentally detox. Through transdermal absorption, beautiful minerals such as magnesium penetrate into the muscle and skin. We use organic founder-sourced essential oils that vaporize in the hot bath water and provide an aromatic experience that can ease tension, stress and anxiety.

Bathorium hinoki woman prepping bath

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SH: In what ways can a warm bath at night promote restful sleep? How does that work? What kinds of bath products can enhance those effects?

GM: Slowing your mind before bed through meditation has been long proven to help promote more restful sleep. When you're taking a bath, I recommend disconnecting from technology and practicing clearing your mind and focusing on the present—essentially meditation for beginners.


SH: Why is warm water great for sore and achy muscles? What does it do for them? What products can soothe them even further?

GM: Warm water in combination with natural earth minerals found within Bathorium soak products helps to melt tense muscles and soothe aching joints. Since your body is lighter in water it can also relieve weighted pain points throughout the body.

Bathorium hinoki drawing bath

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SH: What other health ailments can we address through a nice bath?

GM: Potent camphoric essential oils like eucalyptus, coriander seed, vetiver and wintergreen when vaporized can soothe congestion within the lungs and airways. Stuffed up sinuses? Soak in a Eucalyptus Apothecary Crush and enjoy the cooling tingling effect.

Bathorium eucalytpus crush

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SH: Are there any common mistakes people make when taking a bath? What are they, and how can they be remedied?

GM: I always recommend making sure you set your bath time up for success in advance. Removing kids' bath toys and decluttering the bath products within the area allow you to disconnect quicker. Clearing the path from the bath afterward is crucial—making sure when you leave the bath you aren't walking through dirty laundry to an unmade bed.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about bathing and the benefits of baths?

GM: Bath time is more than just cleansing—it's an expression of bath rituals and self-worship. Make sure you block off bath time for yourself and whatever you do, don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself. It's the only way we become better people for those around us.

Bathorium hinoki woman in bath

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