These BB-8 Household Items Are Exactly the Droids You're Looking For

The Force Awakens is awesome in more ways than we can count, but one of our favorite things about the Star Wars film is that it introduced us to the irresistibly cute BB-8.

If you love BB-8 as much as we do, you're going to fall hard for these household items inspired by the roly-poly character. You don't need an actual robotic BB-8 to show off how much you love the droid (but it doesn't hurt).

BB-8 Tea Set: $14.99

BB-8 becomes tea-tea-8 with the help of this whimsical teapot and mug combo. The real droid doesn't have a spout, but the cuteness of this pot makes us think that maybe it should.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Teacup and Kettle Set

(via ThinkGeek)


BB-8 Waffle Maker: $25.59

When you have a waffle maker that can form delicious Star Wars breakfast art, it's easy to start every morning off on the right foot.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Waffle Maker

(via Amazon)


BB-8 Mini Planter: $15

BB-8 is an outdoor droid, so the garden is the perfect place for it to hang out. This little planter allows it to be one with nature.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Mini Planter

(via Etsy)


BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp: $29.99

This lamp shows us what would happen if BB-8 and the Pixar lamp had a baby. Spoiler alert—that baby is totally adorable.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Architectural Desk Lamp

(via ThinkGeek)


BB-8 Cookie Cutter: $8.50

Why stop at BB-8 waffles when you can also make perfect BB-8 shaped cookies?

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Cookie Cutter

(via Etsy)


BB-8 Beanbag: $149

This beanbag makes BB-8 look a little smushed, but we bet it's as cozy as can be.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Pottery Barn Beanbag

(via Pottery Barn Kids)


BB-8 Desktop Lamp: $29.99

If the BB-Pixar hybrid isn't your style, this desktop lamp looks just like the classic BB-8, with a glow emanating from under its head. It's great for nighttime reading, or just staring at lovingly.

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Desk Lamp

(via ThinkGeek)


BB-8 Alarm Clock: $19.95

Alarm clocks have gone almost extinct since we all started using the alarm functions on our phones, but it doesn't have to be that way. It's time to bring the classic back with this bedside clock!

BB-8 Star Wars Decor: Alarm Clock

(via Hammacher Schlemmer)


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