Be Fierce- Girl Power Song CONTEST CLOSED!

Be fierce! Show us how fierce you are by singing a cover of your favorite girl empowerment song to win fabulous prizes.Be Fierce contest live on!


There are few teen stars fiercer than Demi Lovato, and her latest album "Demi" is proof. Enter for a chance to win  a copy of the CD, a Demi Lovato T-shirt, and an iHome speaker!

To enter, just…

  1. Log into your account at (if you don't have one already, it take just seconds to make one!)
  2. Click the Contests tab and find the "Be Fierce" contest
  3. Upload  a cover of yourself singing your favorite Girl Power song and click the submit button!

The contest ends June 14, so get your voices warmed up and sing like you've never sang before, Sweetys!

If you have any questions about anything, PLEASE comment below so we can get those questions answered.

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