Be Part of Zendaya's Book Club!

While Zendaya Coleman may be a dancing queen in Shake It Up, another passion of hers is reading.

Zendaya recently starred in a trailer for Katie Alender's book "From Bad to Cursed."

But what does the 14-year-old teen star recommend as a good read for other girls?

She reveals that the book "So B" by  Sara Weeks was one of her favorites in 5th grade. "It was such a beautifully sad story to me and the main character was so strong. I really admired her for what she had to go through to discover more about herself and her family. I have never forgotten that book," explains Zendaya.

She continues to explain that other teens should read it because the book contains a lot of important lessons and "relates to the theme of finding yourself."

She also shares that she is sometimes guilty of judging a book by its cover but she makes an effort to read the first chapter to see if she likes it or not before deciding to continue reading or ditch the book for another one.

So what does she think about books being turned into movies? "Sometimes I really like it when books are made into movies especially if I never had the chance or time to read the book. But if I read the book, I usually already have a mental movie that ran through my head as I was reading the book so I don't necessarily want to see the movie. Sometimes after reading a really good book I will think to myself, 'Wow, that would make a great movie!'"

That's what we thought when we first read the Harry Potter books, Z!