The 5 Best New Music Releases of the Week Are by Bea Miller, American Authors and More

Summer may be winding down, but the new music releases keep heating up.

Our fave songs of the week were brought to us by Bea Miller, American Authors, The Undercover Dream Lovers, Briana Marela and Kungs.

Sit back, relax and scroll below to listen to these exciting new tunes!

1. "Come Home" by The Undercover Dream Lovers

Smooth and fanciful, the bass-driven electronic tune will have your mind drifting off to a dream world in no time. The lyrics are simple, but there's a ton of different sounds seamlessly working together to progress the song along.


2. "Farthest Shore" by Briana Marela

An incredibly cinematic track, the electronic instrumentals on Briana Marela's "Farthest Shore" have you feeling as though you're on a journey of your own to reach this imaginary shore. It's amazing how she's fit such a fleshed-out story into a four-minute song.


3. "I Wanna Go Out" by American Authors

If any track will have you ready for the weekend, it's this upbeat anthem from American Authors. Give it a few listens and you'll have the lyrics memorized in no time.


4. "Brand New Eyes" by Bea Miller

Bea Miller is no stranger to laying it all out there in her songs. Willing to spill her guts, you can instantly connect with Bea's refreshing vulnerability. Her new song "Brand New Eyes," which is on the soundtrack for the film Wonder, is no exception. Her honesty is truly empowering.


5. "More Mess" by Kungs feat. Olly Murs and Coely

Going through a rough patch in life? This collaboration from Kungs, Olly Murs and Coely will remind you that, though these times are frustrating, you'll come out a much stronger person. Pop on your headphones and dance your frustration away to this powerful hit.


You can listen to these tracks whenever you so please by following the Spotify playlist below:


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