9 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With Bea Miller

We cannot get Bea Miller's "Fire N Gold" out of our heads! If you aren't in love with her and her music, you will be after you read this post. Here are nine reasons you should be obsessed with Bea.

First off, just listen to "Fire N Gold" and tell us that it isn't the anthem to your life.

She even slays singing "Give Your Heart A Break" with Demi Lovato herself!

Let's talk selfies! Bea knows just how to pull off the perfect pout in all of her pics.

Oh, her mirror selfies are also out of this world. She knows how to work her angles!

And she has the raddest punk rock style around. We're all about the ripped jean look.

Plus, Bea can pull off the top knot like it's nobody's business.

Even though she's a superstar, she's not above fangirling over a meeting a Jonas Brother just like the rest of us.

We can't forget to mention that she and Jacob Whitesides are one of the most adorbs couples around. #CoupleGoals

And she's just as obsessed with her fans as we are with her! Anyone who isn't afraid to perform a ribbon dancing number with a fan is someone we need in our squad.

We can't get enough of this Radio Disney NBT artist. She's truly our Queen Bea, pun totally intended.


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