Beabadoobee's "How Was Your Day?" Is a Gorgeous, Raw Throwback to Simpler Times

We simply cannot get enough of Filipino-born British singer-songwriter Beabadoobee, and with every new track she drops, we become even more convinced of her incredible talents.

We've been literally counting down the days until Oct. 16, when she drops her debut album Fake It Flowers, and we've already gotten four flawless singles from it. The latest, which only released today, is the almost lullaby-like "How Was Your Day?", and we're in love.

The track is all about reminiscing on the simplicity of the past and how things used to be. It has an authentic, homemade sound with gentle acoustic guitar and echoey, raw vocals that really drive the point home. It was even recorded the old school way, on a four-track cassette recorder in her boyfriend's garden, to achieve that effect.

"'How Was Your Day?' is a track that explores all the relationships I neglected when I was away from home," Bea said, "I wanted to emphasize the rawness of the lyrics with the song sonically, which is why I recorded it on a four-track with all the little mistakes and vocal wobbles included. I wanted the music video to feel nostalgic to me and to include all the people I cared about. It took me back to the time I first started making music."

The new song also comes complete with a new, suitably grainy video, filmed over the last few months with Bea and the people she cares about. Watch it below!


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