6 DIY Beach Day Hair Accessories for Summer

A perfect beach day can be ruined in an instant when the elements of nature cause unnecessary hair trauma.

Keep your locks in place this summer with these six DIY accessories. Which one is catching your eye?


1. Seashell Bobby Pins

All those seashells you've been collecting for years from beach trips now serve a purpose in the form of these bobby pins. You'll basically be a mermaid with these accenting your hair. Follow the simple tutorial to make them HERE.

Bobby pins with seashells on them lined up in a row on top of the sand

(via Swell Life)

2. Tie-Dyed Headbands

Headbands are the perfect thing to have on hand when you're at the beach. These tie-dye ones are our personal faves, because you can dye them any way you want and wear them in whichever style suits you best. Find out how you can make them HERE.

DIY tie-dye headbands collage

(via DIY Candy)


3. Floral Floppy Hat

The perfect floppy hat will make you look like the ultimate beach babe whenever you're lounging poolside. Not to mention, it also helps protect you from getting sunburnt. Make the floral floppy hat of your dreams HERE.

DIY floral floppy hat worn by a girl in a bathing suit sitting on a towel by a pool

(via Sugar and Cloth)


4. Hair Scrunchie

Who says scrunchies ever went out of style? We certainly didn't! They're so practical, adorable and you always need one. Craft your very own for summer HERE.

Floral hair scrunchie

(via Lily All Sorts)


5. Starfish Hair Clip

Again, we'll gladly wear any accessory that aids in our mermaid transformation. This clip requires almost no effort to make—bonus! Get your craft on HERE.

Starfish hair clip in a girl's hair

(via The Crafty Ninja)


6. Tie-Dye Baseball Cap

Turn your boring old dad hat into something extraordinary with this DIY tutorial. Watch the video below to see how you can make this tie-dye daydream.


Now that you've got all the hair accessories you need, keep the crafting party going with THESE 5 DIY accessories you'll be needing to survive summer.