Summer is upon us, which means that beach trips with family and friends are in inevitable abundance. Great.

Sure, the beach is nice in theory, but when it really comes down to it, it’s an uncomfortable and unpleasant way to spend time.

You’ll doubtlessly relate to the below struggles if you can’t stand the beach:

1. That feeling when you smear on sunscreen that’s been tarnished with sand. I hope you’re ready for a deep skin exfoliation because the smooth sunscreen is now rough to the touch.

2. Seagulls are always trying, and sometimes succeeding, at nabbing your snacks.

Seagull stealing food at the beach

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3. Despite the exfoliating sunscreen, you still manage to get burned in weird random spots like just above your bikini bottoms, around the sides of your armpits or on the tops of your feet.

4. If you’re like me, you haven’t bothered to get a new bathing suit in years so yours is currently saggy and unflattering.

5. When you don’t choose to play in the water, you get stuck monitoring everyone’s possessions alone while your friends and fam play the day away.

Group of friends splashing in the ocean

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6. If you muster up the courage to play in the water, your skin feels tight and sticky afterward, and great, now you’re completely covered in sand.

7. In contrast to how hot it is outside, the water is freezing. 

8. You don’t really appreciate the medley of genre-mixing tunes that float into your personal space. On one side you have Red Hot Chili Peppers and on the other you have Kanye and someone somewhere is playing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” on repeat for their toddler.

Three friends sitting uncomfortably at the beach

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9. Making the trek from the sidewalk to your desired spot on the beach always scorches your feet.

10. The public restrooms are Capital G Gross.

11. It’s practically impossible to read at the beach. When you lay on your back the sun is directly in your eyes and laying on your stomach hurts your shoulders after a while.

Girl reading uncomfortably on her back

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12. I hope you like your food with a side of sand.

13. Carrying everything back and forth from the car is the biggest pain. If you get stuck with the enormous umbrella or duffel bag stuffed with sand toys, the next 15 minutes of your life will feel like a century.

14. Being forced to put your clothes on over your still-wet bathing suit.

15. Rouge soccer balls, frisbees and volleyballs are attracted to your space like a magnet.

Group of friends playing beach volleyball

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16. Unless you’re fully prepared with a quality cooler, all of the food and drinks you packed gets warm and squished from your travels.

17. If someone begs to teach you how to surf one more time…

18. The ride home is sticky, sandy, sweaty and downright uncomfortable.



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