Bearaby's New Travel Napper Makes It Easy to Use a Weighted Blanket on the Go

I am obsessed with my queen-sized Bearaby Hugger weighted blanket. It'enormous, easily covering my king-sized bed, and at 35 lbs., it provides me with a ridiculous amount of cozy comfort.

The downside? It isn't exactly portable. It's great for long, restful night sleeps, but it's too big and heavy for me to use for much else. I also have smaller, twin-sized weighted blankets, but they're the kinds filled with plastic beads, and they're still a bit too cumbersome to tote along with me anywhere, or even to sit at my desk with me while I work without it being a constant balancing act.

Of course, Bearaby is back to save the day with their brand new Travel Napper. It's a petite weighted blanket designed specifically with movement in mind—and it even comes in an adorable duffel bag. When the brand reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in trying it out, I had to say yes. Keep reading for my full experience.

The Blanket

Bearaby's Travel Napper is a slightly downsized version of their Cotton Napper, coming in a convenient, travel-friendly and super cute duffel bag. The compact blanket weighs 10 lbs., so it's enough to provide that soothing weighted blanket you're used to, but not heavy enough to be a burden during travel.

It's also made entirely of organic cotton, looped together into a beautiful and hefty woven blanket. It's also completely biodegradable. That means no plastic beads rattling around inside that might someday wind up polluting the earth. It's also conveniently machine washable and dryable.

So what's the deal with weighted blankets, anyway? They happen to provide a lot of incredible benefits, including reduced cortisol levels (which means less stress), higher serotonin for more happiness and contentment and increased melatonin, which helps your body go into a state of restfulness for full sleep. And if you're not happy with the blanket after 30 days, they offer a money-back guarantee. The Travel Napper comes in Asteroid Grey, Moonstone Grey, Midnight Blue, Cloud White and Evening Rose colors, and at $209, it's one of Bearaby's most affordable options yet.

Bearaby Travel Napper in bag

(via Bearaby)


The Experience

I adore my Hugger blanket, so I was extremely excited the minute my Travel Napper arrived. I received one in a gorgeous Midnight Blue color, and immediately took it out of the duffel bag and set it in my lap at my desk. It was just as soft as I was expecting (think of a cotton T-shirt), and by simply folding it in half, I was able to get it to stay in place in my lap while I worked. I immediately fell in love with the light pressure of the blanket, and the fact it stayed put.

Bearaby Travel Napper at desk

(via Bearaby)

Of course, I wouldn't be properly putting it to the test without taking it somewhere, so I arranged for a long weekend drive through the woods near my house. It takes a little bit of squeezing once you've unfurled it, but it's not too challenging to get the blanket back into the bag once it's been taken out, and I picked up the bag and went for a cruise.

It was just as cozy and relaxing in the car as it had been at home, and I especially appreciate how breathable it is, and how it doesn't trap too much heat (like some other weighted blankets), since you're not always in control of the temperature when you're going on trips. I wasn't staying anywhere for the night, but if I were, I could rest easy knowing I could go to bed without missing the comfort of a weighted blanket.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to go on a plane trip with it, but I think it'just right for air travel as well. It's the perfect size to bring as your carry-on, and the weight makes it reasonable to carry with you even if you're rushing through the airport. The bag it's carried in is also pretty roomy, making it practical for those times you need to lug things around but aren't carrying your blanket with you.

Bearaby Travel Napper on tandem bike

(via Bearaby)

I don't have any vacations planned for a bit, but in the meantime, I'm more than happy to keep using the Travel Napper in front of my computer, or for naps on the couch or a beanbag. It's even further cemented my love for this great brand.



Bottom Line

If you've been curious about Bearaby but the price point has been a deterrent, this Travel Napper is a great entry point into the brand. It's still a little pricey, but Bearaby makes high-quality blankets that get the job done with deluxe materials. This blanket works, while also being convenient enough to actually bring with you on the go. It would also make a great gift for the road tripper or frequent flyer in your life.

Bearaby Travel Napper rollerskates

(via Bearaby)


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