Bears From Disneynature With Olivia Holt!

In the latest episode of SweetBeatTV, our crew heads to the Disney lot to chat with Olivia Holt all about the upcoming Disneynature movie Bears!

Bears follows a family of grizzly bears, a mother and her two cubs, as they travel through the Alaskan wilderness.

In this new interview, I Didn't Do It star Olivia chats all about falling in love with the movie's characters, as well as her new song "Carry On," which is featured in the movie!

Learn all about how "Carry On" matches the heartwarming tone of Bears, and will leave viewers inspired and encouraged to stay positive and always carry on!

Olivia also discusses Disney's awesome campaign to collect stuffed animals to donate to  children's hospitals, as well as their work to protect bears and other animals in their natural habitats! Olivia is a big supporter of Earth Day, and it's amazing to see her and Disney work together to save the planet!

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