The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in August

Every month we get sent tons of amazing beauty products to test out, and August was a doozy.

Out of all of the products we tried, there were a few that really left a mark, and we want you to know which ones we're particularly loving. So, if you're on the hunt for some new beauty products to add to your collection, just keep scrolling to see which ones our beauty editors tried and loved in August!

Jason Wu Tinted Moisturizer Meets CC Cream: $20

Looking for a tinted moisturizer to get you through the days you're just not feeling like wearing foundation? Look no further than this color-correcting one from Jason Wu. This dual-tinted moisturizer and CC cream work together to make your skin look healthy and flawless, thanks to ingredients including vitamins B3 and E and goji berry extract.

(via Jason Wu)


Cheekbone Beauty Mattifying Moon Dust: $23

Setting powder belongs in every makeup lover's collection, and we're loving this one from Cheekbone Beauty. This mattifying powder is translucent and will work on all skin types, so whether you cover your T-zone to get rid of shine or apply it to your whole face is up to you.

(via Cheekbone Beauty)


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Urban Decay Vice Lip Bond: $25

Urban Decay is one of our favorite colorful makeup brands out there, and we haven't stopped using their new Vice Lip Bond ever since its launch. Available in an array of colors, this long-lasting formula will look freshly applied for up to 16 hours. That's pretty much unheard of!

(via Urban Decay)


Refreshments Pearly Body Wash: $14

There's something about stepping out of a shower feeling all fresh and brand new, and that feeling is made even better with this body wash from Refreshments. Available in three scents including Citrus Spritze, Coconut Colada and Ginger Splash, this body wash cleanses and moisturizes, leaving you with a fresh scent and lots of lather.

(via Refreshments)


Herbivore Moon Dew Eye Cream: $48

Eye cream is a product you should start using as early as your teens to prevent deeper circles later in life. Not only that, but it can also help with making under-eye makeup look amazing. We've been reaching for this one from Herbivore not only because of its cute packaging but because it gives the eyes a tight, lifted appearance, thanks to bakuchiol, quinoa plant peptides and honey locust seed polysaccharides.

(via Sephora)


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Rodial Bronze Glowlighter: $45

Bronzed, glowy skin is in, and if you want to get that glazed donut and bronze effect with just one product, we suggest getting your hands on the Rodial Bronze Glowlighter. Made with vitamins C and E as well as light-reflecting pearls, the silky formula will snatch your makeup and leave you looking as flawless as ever.

(via Rodial)


Crepe Erase Renew & Smooth Hydrating Foot Mask: $26

Whether you're a runner or your feet are cracked and just not looking their finest, we think you might be in major need of a foot mask, and this one from Crepe Erase is one of the best. Formulated with honey extract and vitamin E, all you need to do is wear the "booties" for 30 minutes and let the formula do its job. You'll be left with visibly softer, smoother and hydrated feet in no time.

(via Crepe Erase)


Lime Crime Eyeshadow Sticks: $14

Eyeshadow sticks are one of our favorite makeup products out there. They're user-friendly and make it look like you spent tons of time doing your makeup, and after testing out all six shades of these eyeshadow sticks from Lime Crime, we think we may have found our favorite colorful ones ever. They're buildable, blendable and will last all day long.

(via Lime Crime)


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Daily Concepts Daily Body Scrubber: $10

You're probably already exfoliating your face, but did you know you should also be exfoliating your body? This scrubber from Daily Concepts is our current fave of the moment because of its gentle ability to exfoliate. It creates an amazing lather and one of these bad boys can last you up to 90 uses.

(via Daily Concepts)


Hugh & Grace Bath and Body Salts: $40

We first became fans of Hugh & Grace because of their innovative facial serums, and after trying out their Body Salts, we can officially say we've found a new product favorite from the brand! Formulated with yuzu, vanilla, Mediterranean sea salt and vitamins C and E, it'll help you relax as you enjoy its exfoliating, detoxing benefits.

(via Hugh & Grace)


Sunnies Face Lip Treat: $16

Sunnies Face is a brand we tried for the very first time in August, and if their Lip Treat is any indication as to what the rest of the products are like, we're in for quite a treat. We've been particularly loving the Jellyfish Lip Treat because of its sheer and buttery formula. It's a balmy lip product we think anyone will love.

(via Sunnies Face)


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