How to Beat the Heat Amid Quarantine Without Leaving the House

Not only has coronavirus put a damper on every upcoming activity of 2020, but it just so happens to emerge during the hottest months of the year.

Had this gone down in, oh, let's say… January, staying at home would be a cinch, and staying cool would be even easier. But with limitations on beaches and not all of us in ownership of a pool, breaking a major sweat is unavoidable during these current months.

If the struggle is real, we feel you—but rest assured there are ways around the weather. Keep reading for how to beat the heat amid quarantine without leaving the house.

1. Get a Slip 'n' Slide

If you have enough space where you live, nothing beats the ol' slip 'n' slide. This classic activity is fun for everyone, and it's something you can enjoy with your siblings that's a guaranteed break from arguing. We bet even your parents would be down to get in on the action with you!

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2. Get an Inflatable Pool

Long gone are the days when blow-up pools are for little kids only. These bad boys are all the rage these days, and you don't need a whole lot of space to utilize them. These items have become so popular that some are even being designer-made, a la Minnidip. Prepare to have your next Instagram photoshoot at your fingertips—with or without water!

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3. Bust Out the Trusty Hose

When we think about hoses, we immediately think about watering plants or grass and not much else. But these can be a lot of fun during sunny months. Put on your favorite swimsuit, grab a sibling or parent and douse yourself with some watery goodness. Bonus points from the 'rents if you wash their car in the process.


4. Pop Into a Parked Air-Conditioned Car

As a last resort, if you don't have central air where you live, and you absolutely can't take the heat, give yourself a little break by hopping into a car at your home and blasting the AC. While you probably won't want to stay in there too long, it'll be a temporary shift from the blistering heat.


Whether you like the heat or not, there's no avoiding it—so use one of THESE Instagram captions to capture pics of those bright and sunny days.