Beau Dunn of Beau's Babes Told Us How She Got Involved With the Kardashians

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you probably recognize the artwork of Beau Dunn. Her cheeky prints and neon signs can be spotted throughout the Jenner home, and she famously worked with Kris's team to co-design her Birkin closet.

Beau Dunn Birkin Closet Kris Jenner

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Now this multi-talented entrepreneur is making a splash with her own clothing line, Beau's Babes, which features customizable embroidery on beloved basics.

We got a chance to chat with Beau about her adorable jackets, her  Kardashian connection, and what it takes to make it as an artist in Los Angeles. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous designer!

Beau Dunn Pink Jacket

(Photo Credit: Sweety High)

Sweety High: How did your new clothing line, Beau's Babes, come about? 

Beau Dunn: For my bachelorette party last year I grabbed a bunch of denim jackets and embroidered my best friends' names on them. I got a ton of pins and patches and we made a whole party out of decorating them. I didn't plan on taking it any further, but I got stopped on the street so many times it became clear that this could be a brand of its own.

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Sweety High: Tell us about Beau's Babes teaming up with Kind Campaign to bring awareness to girl-on-girl bullying.

BD: I personally am a huge advocate for arts-based philanthropies. And as a girl brand, it's important to me to be able to promote a message like that. So many girls experience bullying, whether online or in person, and I am proud to be able to take a stand against it.


SH: You've famously collaborated with the Jenners—your art is in Kris's closet and Kylie's bedroom. How did that come about?

BD: I grew up in Beverly Hills, and there's nowhere else like it. A lot of my art comes from that perspective, growing up around celebrity culture. There were paparazzi outside of my high school every day! I've known the Jenners my whole life. But when Kris spotted my artwork in a San Diego gallery, she didn't even realize it was me—she just loved it! It wasn't until she called to inquire about it that she put two and two together. It was so much fun building her Birkin closet with her.

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SH: With Coachella coming up, what are your do's and don'ts of festival fashion?

BD: Everyone has individual style—I don't think there are any don'ts! Coachella is like Halloween. Reflecting who you are is what makes your style cool.


SH: What trends are you looking forward to seeing now that it's spring?

BD: I've been into pastels for awhile, and I love pops of color. I'm such a basics girl, so I'm excited about the boxy '90s look coming back, like you see in my denim jackets.

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SH: What advice would you give young people who are interested in a career like yours, whether in art or fashion?

BD: You have to love to work. I don't sleep! Surround yourself with really amazing people who can support you. I love having people in my life who will support my ideas, whether they're brilliant or crazy!


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