If You're Too Lazy to Clean Your Makeup Brushes, THIS Subscription Box Is for You

If I'm too busy (okay, lazy) to keep my bathroom consistently clean, do ya really think I have time to clean my makeup brushes?

As someone who borders on being germaphobe, it's mind-boggling that I take such poor care of my makeup brushes—especially when our brushes are said to be more susceptible to bacteria than most items in our house.

That's why, when a rep from Beautiac reached out to my colleague about reviewing their monthly, recyclable makeup brush subscription box, I was instantly intrigued, and asked to take on the task.

The Products

There are three subscription options, but if you wear a full face of makeup daily like me, you'll want to opt for the $20 per month, month-to-month plan. Regardless of the plan you choose, the first box you receive comes with three brush refills (foundation, powder and blush), one foundation applicator sponge (much like Juno and Co's velvet sponge) three detachable brush handles, one brush stand and one Beautiac-branded makeup bag. Each box also comes with a how-to card, and a white plastic bag to discard and recycle the previously used items from your last box.

Following your initial box, you'll receive three brush head refills, a sponge and a recycle bag. The brush hairs are cruelty-free and vegan, and the handles are just a quick snap away from assembling to the brush heads.

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I was in awe of how full my intro box looked when I opened it. In fact, a coworker walked by and was taken aback (in the best way), too. It appeared a little overwhelming at first, but once I actually realized its contents, I settled down a bit.

I then assembled my brush heads with their handles (a very easy process), and began with The Blur (sponge). TBH, I've been using my Juno & Co Microfiber Velvet Sponge for the last few months and it's all I'm used to at this point. It's actually even replaced my Beauty Blender because it doesn't eat up all my foundation. That said, I found Beautiac's version to suck me dry of product, leading to me to revert back to my trusted go-to.

After my foundation was adequately applied, I gave the Powder Press (bronzer and powder) brush a try. Once you're used to something, it's tough to adjust to something new. I was wary of the brush at first, but once complete, the look was fine. Same said for the remaining Blush Habit (blush brush) and Foundation Fix (midday touch-up brush). The latter was much thinner than what I'd normally use for foundation, but I only needed to touch up my chin, and once I did so, the result was pretty flawless.

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Bottom Line

I think Beautiac is a smart, time-saving fix for the lazy girl who loves makeup—especially for someone who has a little extra cash to spare, and who doesn't have loyalty to a particular line of brushes.

That said, if you don't wear makeup all that much, or, on the flip side, you do wear a lot of makeup and have a strict allegiance to specific brushes, you'll probably want to stick to what you've got. Also, if spare allowance or paycheck money can go to something in the makeup category, I'd opt for actual makeup over a brush subscription kit.

But there is something to be said about fresh brushes. Much like after a fresh facial exfoliation, makeup goes on much better after a fresh brush wash. If you think consistently clean brushes are worth it to you, then you know where to find them handy.

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