This Book Puts the Prettiest Minecraft Creations Ever In One Place

The new book Beautiful Minecraft is a compilation of some of the most gorgeously detailed creations ever composed in the game, and it deserves a spot on the coffee table of any loyal Minecraft fan.

Beautiful Minecraft Book Cover

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It was written and compiled by James Delaney, managing director of BlockWorks. Together, BlockWorks' incredible team of Minecraft artists from around the globe has made art for companies including Disney, Warner Bros and a lot more. They're also responsible for a lot of the art within the book.

Beautiful Minecraft: Gotham City

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Inside are more than a hundred pages of these block builds created entirely within Minecraft. Though they weren't all necessarily made manually—tools for copying, pasting and painting were implemented to make the bigger builds—they still required an immense amount of time, skill and artistry.

Beautiful Minecraft: London 1666

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There's something in Beautiful Minecraft to impress every kind of art fan. Full of fantasy worlds, stunning landscapes, futuristic structures and machines, detailed structures and recreations of real locations, there's really something here for everyone.

Beautiful Minecraft: Deep Sea

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And there's more to the book than just the imagery. James Delaney introduces each segment with enthusiasm that comes with being a true fan of Minecraft himself.

Beautiful Minecraft: Battersea

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Each piece lists the name of the person or team who built it as well as how many people it took to build, how many blocks make up the piece and how many days it took to complete.

Beautiful Minecraft: fall landscape

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Some of the designs in the book were created in just a day while others were crafted meticulously over the course of an entire year. Some even utilize up to 100 billion blocks. Even using tools to speed up the process, that takes a lot of dedication.

Beautiful Minecraft: Phain Game Board of the Ancients

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Overall, if you're a fan of both Minecraft and art, it's worth having. Maybe it'll even inspire you to start building your own beautiful creations in Creative Mode?

Beautiful Minecraft: Ferelden Frostback dragon

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Need to see the rest of the book? You can snag your own copy for $19.95 HERE.


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