Only Beauty and the Beast Mega Fans Celebrated the Release of the New Film THESE 7 Ways

Unless you've been living under a rock or aren't a complete Disney fanatic (who even are you?), you probably know by now that the live-action Beauty and the Beast film came out today!

Emma Watson as Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' (Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

If you're anything like us, you've been patiently waiting for the arrival of this film since the day, hour, minute, second it was announced.

Although you, too, may claim to be a devoted Beauty and the Beast enthusiast, you're only a true fan if you've prepped for this big day by performing the following seven acts like we have.

Scroll below to see how many you can check off.

1. Picked Out a Perfect Belle-Inspired Outfit

If you're a tried-and-true Belle fan like us, there's no doubt you spent several hours perusing Beauty and the Beast-inspired fashion. You looked high and you looked low, and you found the best outfit for the premiere. Check out which outfits we can't wait to rock tonight HERE.


2. Visited Disneyland to See Its Magical Beauty and the Beast Makeover

Sorry, but only true fans made it out to Disneyland to see all of the special Beauty and the Beast attractions. Earlier this week, my co-worker Ashley and I visited the park to dine at the enchanted Red Rose Taverne where we ate the grey stuff Lumière raves about, watched a special performance by Belle at the Royal Theatre and even tracked down the haughty Gaston for a selfie. Were you a big enough fan to do the same? If you didn't make it to the park, you can check out our adventure HERE.

Beauty and the Beast walking through Fantasyland at Disneyland


3. Tried to Hunt Down the Coveted Enchanted Rose Cup

If you're truly obsessed with this movie, then surely you've heard about the coveted enchanted rose souvenir tumbler they're selling at Disneyland. While visiting the park, Ashely and I went on a quest for the coveted cup, and unfortunately failed (they were all sold out). What we did end up finding was actually much better, however. See the cups we think are just as cute at the enchanted rose tumbler HERE.

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4. Made a Valiant Effort to Determine What Your Fave Beauty and the Beast Character Says About You

Only true fans have spent a decent amount of time recently really thinking about the main characters in the film and evaluating what their fave character says about them. Wait, you didn't do that? Maybe that's just us. If you are curious about what your preferred character says about you, we can help you out. Just head over HERE.


5. Tried Out Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Teas

Because of this new live-action film, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of Beauty and the Beast-inspired items these days. If you really support the film, you would have tried all the movie-themed items on the market, one of them being Twinings Beauty and the Beast themed teas. We recruited our friend Chip and taste-tested them all. If you weren't so lucky to try out the four tea flavors for yourself, check out our honest review HERE.

Beauty and the Beast-inspired teas from Twinings of London with a Chip teacup placed in front of them


6. Got Your Hands on Funko's Adorable Beauty and the Beast Figurines

We're major fans of Funko's pop culture figurines, so when we heard they were making tons of adorable figures in support of Beauty and the Beast we couldn't wait to get our hands on them. Did you snag a few for yourself, mega-fan? If not, check them all out HERE.

Beauty and the Beast Funko pop vinyl beast and belle


7. Rewatched the Classic Film for Old Time's Sake

If you truly love Beauty and the Beast as much as you claim you do, there's one simple thing you could have done in honor of the new film—rewatch the classic. I took it upon myself to watch the film after not seeing it for 15 years, and I jotted down every small detail I never noticed prior. Betcha you didn't take time to do that. Check out everything I discovered HERE.

That's enough talking about the new live-action film, though. Go out and see it in theaters today! ????


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