Beauty and The Beast-Inspired Fashion: Four Trends to Rock in Anticipation of the Movie

Since Disney announced the release of their live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, we can't stop thinking about Emma Watson's role as Belle—and her iconic style.

While we aren't all lucky enough to own Belle's iconic yellow ball gown, there's hope for us yet thanks to this totally wearable Beauty and the Beast-inspired fashion.

Beauty and The Beast

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

Belle Bathing Suit Top: $31.60

Beauty and The Beast

(via Hot Topic)

Hot Topic was hot on the heels of the movies release with a themed capsule collection they released. You can find a plethora of Belle-inspired items but the one that caught our eye in terms of originality was this bikini top. With Spring Break around the corner, your Beauty and the Beast fashion doesn't have to be limited to full skirts and blouses. This bright yellow bikini piece can also double as a top under a cool leather jacket and jeans.


Belle Cape: $36.90

Chic black cape

(via Make Me Chic)

Who can forget that iconic scene when Belle first enters the Beast's castle, draped in the chicest cape? We've updated the look here with this fantastic floor length 2017 version. Although it works well under a full dress, you can dress it down with jeans or dress it up with skinny black pants. Add on a heel and you are good to go!


Belle's Iconic Yellow Dress :$24.99

Yellow Dress(via TB Dress)

We would be remiss if we didn't include a gorgeous yellow dress for this fashion story. Nevertheless, in 2017 it's not realistic to be running around with a full skirt and bodice similar to what Belle sported in the movie. We found the perfect modern day version of the iconic yellow dress that won't break the bank. This silhouette provides a full skirt but nothing too cumbersome to wear to a dance. The sleeveless shoulders are very reminiscent of the style worn in the movie, now all you need is your very own talking tea set!


Belle's Country Blue Skirt: $23.00

Blue Skirt

(via She In)

Although there are some memorable looks in the movie, the main character Belle spends most of her time in a no frills blue ensemble. Her's is a bit more country and she pairs it with a blouse. Here, we have a modern take on her blue outfit and we've updated it with a a sleeveless top.


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