5 Beauty Gifts the Cancer in Your Life Will Love

If there's one thing all Cancers can agree on, it's the importance of friendships.

If you're lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life who you call a bestie, we're willing to bet they make your world a happier place. Since we're approaching cancer season, it's time to start planning out what to get them for their big day. Cancers are known for their creativity, self-care habits and imagination. They're big on beauty, whether it's the world around them or themselves, so why not spoil them on their birthday this year?

Keep reading for five beauty gifts the Cancer in your life will love:


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Rave Nailz Fluffy Cloud Nailz: $25

Your Cancer friend loves beautiful things, and what's more beautiful than picturesque, fluffy clouds? Baby blue is the perfect color to rock this summer, so they'll definitely throw these bad boys on right when they open your gift. These glue-on nails can last up to two weeks, so they won't have to worry about hitting up the salon and spending way too much money.

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Cadence Capsule: $14

One of the most annoying things about traveling is bringing our entire beauty arsenals with us, even if we're only going somewhere for a night or two. But, since your Cancer friend isn't likely to leave any part of their beauty routine behind for simplicity's sake, they'll love these capsules. You can get them custom labeled with whatever you want, whether that's makeup remover, face cream or anything else!

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Awake Pore Appeal Texture and Pore Refining Pads: $35

Since Cancers are known for their self-care rituals, we're willing to bet your friend has some beauty secrets of their own. Whether they religiously wear face masks or light candles for ambiance every night, we know they'll appreciate these pore refining pads. A blend of vitamin b5 and amino acids make up some of the main ingredients, perfect for wiping off all of the day's worries and leaving skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

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Touchland Power Mist Watermelon Sanitizer Mist: $12

At this point in time, having a hand sanitizer handy isn't all too uncommon. And since your Cancer friend is likely very religious about keeping clean due to their protective instincts, they'll love you for introducing them to an effective and delicious-smelling hand sanitizer. It comes in a mist form, which is safe for sharing and staying sanitized. We think they'll especially appreciate the watermelon scent, aka summer's most popular fruit.

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In Common Magic Myst Universal Elixir: $35

One thing your Cancer friend appreciates is simplicity. While they do love getting all dolled up, they don't always feel like spending hours to reveal the finished product. That's why they'll fall in love with this elixir. Jam-packed with powerful vitamins, this concoction will detangle, eliminate frizz, hydrate and seal off split ends. It's perfect for creating a natural beachy effect, which is right up Cancer's alley.

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