The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in September

Every month, we beauty editors get sent all sorts of products to test out.

From makeup to skincare, hair tools, nail kits and more, we try it all. And after doing tons of research and testing the products on ourselves, every month, we compile a list of the products we think are worth getting your hands on. Interested in our latest beauty obsessions? Keep scrolling for the best products we tried in September.

Terasana Clinical's Clear + Control Serum: $39

If you deal with acne-prone skin or get small breakouts on the reg, we're about to change your life. Terasana Clinical's Clear + Control Serum was made for people like you, and with ingredients like squalane and CBG, you can expect your skin to clear up in just one month.


(via Terasana)


Knours Beauty Your Only Meditation Gel Cream: $28

If you're on the hunt for a new moisturizer, allow us to introduce you to Knours Beauty's Your Only Meditation Gel Cream. It's lightweight, soothing and hydrating, and is formulated with ingredients like peppermint oil, squalane and ceramide NP. No matter what your age and skin situation are, trust us when we say this baby will work wonders on anyone.


(via Knours Beauty)


TrustRx No Bad Hair Days Food for Thought Booster: $8

TrustRx has a multitude of hair boosters in their No Bad Hair Days line, but our favorite has to be the Food for Thought booster. Since we deal with lackluster, dry and oftentimes dull hair, this booster has been our saving grace. It nourishes and moisturizes locks with ingredients like avocado oil and mango butter.


(via TrustRx)


Herb + Flora The Potion: $75

At first glance, $75 might seem like a lot for a simple serum, but The Potion from Herb + Flora is so much more. Dubbed a "facial in a bottle," this serum truly does regenerate and restart your skin. Since it's formulated with ingredients like asparagus extract, hyaluronic acid and MacroAlgae, you can expect your skin to be more hydrated, moisturized and smooth with continued use.


(via Herb + Flora)


Bali Body Gradual Face Tan: $32.95

Whether you deal with pale skin, have an uneven skin tone or just want to get a natural-looking tan without damage from the sun, Bali Body's new Gradual Face Tan was made with you in mind. The push pump makes it super easy to dispense, and with ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, you can expect to not only look tan but hydrated and moisturized, too.


(via Bali Body)


Nuele Hydrating Hair Mask: $68

Finding a hair mask that works is hard to come by. Most just come in pretty packaging and don't really do anything, but that sure isn't the case with his one from Nuele! This one is a total game-changer and is made with ingredients like aloe, jojoba, peppermint and eucalyptus. Once the powder is activated with the serum and water, let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes and voila, your strands are looking fresher and softer than ever.


(via Nuele)


August + Monroe Calm Cream: $44

Calling all the babes with sensitive skin! If you deal with sensitivity relating to irritation, redness and more, August + Monroe's Calming Cream will fix you right up. Crafted with ingredients like ginger root, niacinamide, oats and white willow bark, this derm-approved cream will soothe, hydrate and restore your skin in no time.


(via August + Monroe)


Hanhoo Blemish Patches (72 Pack): $10

Don't you just hate it when you can feel a pimple or zit forming? We're big believers of zit patches, and these ones from Hanhoo are the real deal at a fraction of the price of others you're probably familiar with. Made with hydrocolloid, the patch extracts from your skin's blemish and essentially absorbs impurities like dirt and even pus.


(via Hanhoo USA)


twenty/twenty beauty Visionary Shadow Stick: $22

While we love a sick eyeshadow palette as much as the next person, there's just something so simple and easy when it comes to shadow sticks. This one from twenty-twenty beauty might just be one of our fave shadow sticks of all time. The creamy and buildable formula allows for easy application—not to mention the gold shimmery color is stunning!


(via twenty/twenty beauty)


Monat Hydration Booster: $75

Now that we're officially in fall, it's about that time when you probably start to notice your skin becoming drier. That's why you should try out Monat's Hydration Booster. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine algae and tons of vitamins, this will leave your skin looking and feeling plump, soft and hydrated.


(via Monat Global)


Madison Reed Root Touch-Up: $32

Whether you dye your hair on the reg or like to switch up your style from time to time, we're willing to bet your hair doesn't always look perfect. Whether it's your roots coming in or parts of your head that don't have tons of hair, this touch-up system from Madison Reed is exactly what you need. Swipe the color along your problem areas for perfect-looking hair—seriously, it'amazing.


(via Madison Reed)


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