Ultimate Girl Crush Amanda Steele Shares Her Biggest Beauty Tips

At just 20 years old, Amanda Steele's resumé is more impressive than most people can even dream of achieving.

As an actress, model and clothing designer, Amanda has truly embodied what it means to be a girl boss. With all of her success comes fame, but she's managed to stay completely humble through it all. It's pretty safe to say we're obsessed with the girl!

We spoke with her as part of our Beauty Lessons series, where she lets us in on all her beauty tips and secrets. Get the exclusive on Amanda Steele below!

amanda steele beauty lessons

(photo courtesy of Amanda Steele)

Sweety High: What's been your career highlight or coolest thing you've gotten to do through work so far?

Amanda Steele: Creating my fashion line Steele has been one of the most exciting and rewarding highlights of my career because it's something I've wanted to do since I was very young. I love being able to create staple pieces that everyone needs in their closet! I'm also the Chief Creative Officer of Glowdust, which allows me to create skincare products I see fitting for my audience. I'm very excited to be part of the creative process for our upcoming line!

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SH: What's the one beauty item you can't live without?

AS: The Glowdust After-Party sheet mask is something I use weekly and it keeps my skin stay soft and glowing for days. I'm really into skincare so this mask is a must-have.


SH: What's your personal favorite beauty moment of all time?

AS: My personal favorite beauty moment was when I walked the carpet at the Cannes Film Festival with Dior Makeup. I got to work with such talented makeup and hair stylists in France, and the final look was incredible. It was really cool to see the way the makeup artist went about my makeup look for such a huge event. It took her no more than 30 minutes. The makeup was so fresh and chic and let my real face shine through.


SH: What's your most embarrassing beauty moment of all time?

AS: I don't like to look back at any of my past looks as embarrassing since I was into it at the time. But, there was one moment during NYFW when I was so tired I didn't even want to go to this really awesome event, so my stylist literally showed up to my room and made me wake-up to go. I was happy I actually attended the event, but after napping and being so tired, the photos turned out pretty bad because my makeup wasn't very fresh and my eyes were bloodshot!


SH: Who do you look up to in the beauty space, and have you met any of your idols?

AS: People I look up to in the beauty space are Jen Atkin, Marianna Hewitt and Negin Mirsalehi. I love seeing women in a similar space as me creating hugely successful beauty companies with truly great products. I've been able to meet such inspiring people during the time I've been in this business.

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SH: Which beauty brands should be on our radar?

AS: Glowdust should be at the top of the list! The Pre-Party & After-Party masks continue to be a staple in my skincare routine to keep my skin glowing and hydrated. Any time I'm headed to an event or night out, I always prep my skin with the Glowdust Pre-Party mask which keeps my makeup flawless all night.


SH: Which beauty trends do you not like?

AS: This is totally a personal preference, but I don't love the look of overdone, sculpted out brows. I have nothing against people who do this because I understand the trend, but I like more natural, bushy brows, instead.


SH: If you could give your younger self beauty advice, what would it be?

AS: Take care of your eyelashes! This is something I'm telling my week-ago-self, too! Reusing fake eyelashes without cleaning them, sleeping with mascara and not cleaning my eyelash curler are all things I've noticed I do that have made my eyelashes fall out multiple times.

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SH: Who are your three favorite musical artists at the moment? Why?

AS: Right now I'm loving Sampha. His voice and the vibe of his songs just make me feel good! I'm obsessed. I really love Doja Cat as well. Her songs are so fun and empowering. She's one of those people you just want the best for. Lastly, I would say Dua Lipa! She's such a queen pop star and every song she releases gives me so many fun memories with my friends. Side note: This list is strange to me because I usually listen to rap and R&B only, but I always have so much fun with my friends when a fun pop song comes on.


SH: What's your favorite athleisure brand or item?

AS: Without a doubt, my favorite athleisure brand at the moment is Set Active.


SH: What's your ultimate career goal?

AS: My ultimate career goal is to have my clothing brand become successful enough for me to live off of full-time. Being a fashion designer was always my biggest dream. Even when I get to this point, I know I'll still pursue other career aspects, but if I can have the security of my clothing brand being where most of my income is from, I will be living my dream.


SH: What's something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

AS: I love to cook. Most of the videos I watch on YouTube are cooking videos! I'm always making something new or cooking for my friends.


SH: Take us through your typical AM skincare routine.

AS: Unless I shower in the morning, I don't do too much before my makeup since I did my skincare at night. But, I do always use a facial oil or the Glowdust Beauty Pre-Party Mask before doing my makeup.

amanda steele beauty lessons

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Steele)


SH: Take us through your typical PM skincare routine.

AS: I use a micellar water to remove makeup, cleanse my skin with a gentle facial cleanser and follow up with an oil and moisturizer. On nights where I want to take extra good care of my skin, I'll use a toner after the cleanser and the Glowdust After-Party mask.


SH: What's the one beauty item you can't live without?

AS: I absolutely can't live without Aquaphor. This is the only brand that I've seen to heal small cuts, scars and dry skin. I have to have this for my lips at all times!


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