Yep, There Are Beauty Products for Your Bum!

With beauty products targeting everything from our split ends, cuticles, pores, dry patches and more, is it really surprising that there are products our there for your butt?

We know, it might seem a bit strange to buy a product specifically for your bum, but hear us out. If you're anything like us and have been sitting at home for months on end, chances are, your butt's not as perky or firm as it once was. Besides doing squats and getting outside for some exercise, you know what else can help your little situation? Some great beauty products!

Are you intrigued yet? Keep reading for the best beauty products for your bum:

Bawdy Butt Sheet Mask Kit: $34

The next time you decide to have an at-home spa day, throw on one of these bad boys! Similar to a face sheet mask, these booty sheet masks target specific concerns. This specific kit comes with Bawdy's signature butt masks, including Bite It (hydrating and toning,) Shake It (firming and illuminating,) Slap It (retexturizing and detoxifying) and Squeeze It (brightening and rejuvenating.) Depending on your concern for the day, throw on your preferred mask and let it work its magic!

butt beauty product

(via Bawdy Beauty)


Frank Body Booty Drops Firming Oil: $17.95

Frank Body is such a fun brand to get behind (no pun intended.) From scrubs to washes and more, their product line covers every inch of the body. Lately, we've been gravitating toward their Booty Drops. If you have stretch marks, this oil will help smooth them over with the help of ingredients like guarana, carrot root extract, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil. Say goodbye to bumps, lumps and uneven skin, as they'll look way less obvious with the consistent use of these booty drops.

butt beauty product

(via Frank Body)


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: $45

With over 15,000 five-star reviews on their site alone, it's safe to say Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is hard to beat. This revolutionary product definitely paved the way for other booty beauty products, and for good reason. The ingredients in this cream smooth, tighten, hydrate and protect, including guarana, cupuacu butter, coconut oil, acai oil and Brazil nut. Not to mention, the scent of this cream is deliciously similar to that of a combination of pistachio, caramel and vanilla—yum!

butt beauty product

(via Sol de Janeiro)


Karine Joncas 5 in 1 Collagen Body Cream Intensive Hydra-Firming: $30

Karine Joncas' 5 in 1 Collagen Body Cream is a total must when it comes to the care of your bum. When we hear the word collagen, we instantly think of firm skin, aka, a perky butt! This cream is packed with hyaluronic acid, collagen, shea butter and argan oil, all of which work together to provide you with firmer, younger and smoother skin. You can apply this product all over your body, but we personally think booties will benefit the most. 

butt beauty product

(via Karine Joncas)


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