Beautyblender's Sweetest Blend Collection Is EVERYTHING

If you're even a little bit into makeup, we're willing to bet you've tried out a Beautyblender sponge.

While these days there are tons of other brands that offer beauty sponge options, Beautyblender is the OG brand that we always find ourselves turning back to. They just released their latest Sweetest Blend Collection, and we think it deserves a spot on everyone's radar. Here's what's included in the new collection!

BEARY FLAWLESS Blend & Cleanse Set: $22

Never have we ever seen a bar of soap as cute as this bear-shaped one (which also comes with a Beautyblender sponge). The Blend & Cleanse Set is just what you need to make sure your Beautyblender stays clean and free of bacteria and old makeup. And better yet? The soap can work on all beauty tools, including brushes, which, let's be honest, you've probably put off on washing for way too long.

(via Beautyblender)


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BEAR NECESSITIES Cleansing Set: $20

The BEAR NECESSITIES Cleansing Set was made for makeup lovers who are on the hunt for the perfect cleansing tools. This set is complete with a bear-shaped bar of soap as well as a silicone cleansing mat, which can be used with Beautyblenders as well as your favorite brushes. It makes cleaning beauty tools both fun and easy.

(via Beautyblender)


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