I Reviewed Every Product in Beautycon's Coveted Fall Beauty Box

Every season, we eagerly anticipate the release of Beautycon's beauty box filled with top beauty and lifestyle goodies.

Fall is here, and that means so is Beautycon's box filled to the brim with must-have fall essentials.

This time around the box was curated by renowned makeup artists MakeupShayla and Angel Merino. Dream team, right?

Fall 2016 Beautycon Box

I got my hands on the coveted box, and tried out all 11 of Shayla and Angel's top fall picks. 

Curious to know what's in the box and if I think they're worth buying? Scroll below to find out!

Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes

Before I tried any of the makeup products, I whipped out the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes to get a clean slate. I have super sensitive skin, but this product didn't irritate it one bit. In a couple of easy swipes, my leftover mascara and concealer were completely gone. It's safe to say, these wipes will become one of my new beauty routine staples. You can purchase them HERE.

Simple cleansing facial wipes


Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer

I live at the beach, so I am constantly looking for new products that can help hydrate my lips. When I saw this Jouer product was included, I was eager to test it out and see if it could help nourish and condition my lips as it promised. The second I put the product on, I was pleasantly surprised. It's not as sticky as a regular lip gloss, but it's just as pretty. I wore out the lip enhancer playing volleyball and it stayed on, keeping my lips chap-free. I. Am. Obsessed. You can purchase it HERE.

Jouer Lip Gloss


OFRA Cosmetics Long lasting Liquid Lipstick

I'm not too keen on colored glosses, so I wasn't sure if I would like this warm-hued fall liquid lipstick. I decided to swipe it on one day after applying the Jouer Lip Enhancer, and was happy with how it looked! My favorite part about the glossy lipstick is that it actually smells like mocha. Yum. You can snag it for yourself HERE.

Trying out Ofra Lip Gloss


The BrowGal Double Ended Highlighter Pencil

TBH, I was at first baffled by this double-ended (one shimmer side and one matte) highlighter pencil. The color is very light, and as you can tell, I have dark eyebrows. You can probably guess why I was skeptical about applying a light pencil to a dark brow.

The pencil claims to do a lot: reduce the appearance of puffiness, help increase circulation around the eyes, conceal, cover eyebrow regrowth and highlight brows.

I applied it under my eyebrows at first and then in my actual eyebrow hair. With this product, you definitely have to blend in, because otherwise your brows will appear gold. Because I was out of concealer, I used it to hide some imperfections on my face. It worked wonders!

I would definitely recommend. Buy it HERE.

Brow Gal Pencil


Luxie Beauty Large Angled 504 Brush

I'm no contouring expert, but this large angled brush helped me apply my bronzer with ease. The fluffy brush didn't feel half bad on my skin, either. You can pick it up HERE.

Luxie Makeup Brush


Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow

Typically, I wear little to no eyeshadow, so this dark hued Milani Cosmetics shadow was a little intimidating to me. I used a soft rose gold color from my UrbanDecay Naked 3 Palette as a base, and then applied this gel powder on the outer edges of my eyelid. It wasn't as intense as I imagined, and it gave my eyes a pop. I would say give it a try, even if you're not huge on shadow! Get it HERE.

Milani Cosmetics Eyeshadow


After applying the eyebrow highlighter, lip gloss and gel shadow, I took a quick photo to show you the end result. Not mad about it!

Before and after makeup picture of Brittney


Duo Lash Adhesive & iSlay Flutter Lashes

I've only worn false eyelashes a handful of times in my life (mainly to school dances or weddings), so putting these on for a typical work day seemed so strange. The application process was surprisingly easy and the lashes stayed in place. They're definitely not for everyday wear, but they're beyond gorgeous. I'd certainly recommend them for a formal occasion.

iSlay Lashes on Brittney


Mystic Tan Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion

I've tried my fair share of self-tanners, and usually I don't end up using them long term because I hate the stench. Good news: This product actually smells amazing! I only tested out the bronzer on my hands, but I've already noticed a gradual change in color. This might be the perfect way to keep my summer-glow going this fall.

Mystic Tan Lotion


The final two items in the box, although not beauty products, were just so dang adorable.

Laser Kitten Sweetheart Lipstick Pin

Over here at Sweety High, we have a love for decking out our denim with pins. This Laser Kitten Sweetheart Lipstick pin was the perfect addition to my jacket this week. Within just two hours of wearing it, I got several compliments. Looks like I won't be taking it off my jacket anytime soon. You, too, can deck out your jacket by checking out Laser Kitten's site HERE.

Lipstick pin on a denim jacket


Sugarfina Sugar Lips

The final item in the box was this sweet treat from my favorite candy store, Sugarfina. These things did not last long—probably because they were the perfect combo of sweet and sour. If you have a major sweet tooth like me and haven't already seen the confections that Sugarfina offers, check them out HERE.

Sugarfina Candy Lips


Interested to see how Shayla and Angel decided which products to put into this box? Then click HERE for our exclusive interview with MakeupShalya, herself!