Beautyologie is the FIRST Fair Trade Beauty E-Commerce Store—Here's Everything You Need to Know

Don't get us wrong, we love a good ol' shopping spree at Sephora.

But do you ever stop and think about where the products you bought originally came from? Are they ethically made? Are the products vegan? Robin Tolkan-Doyle wondered the same thing, so she created Beautyologie, the first-ever e-commerce store where you can buy fair-trade and ethically made beauty products. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Beautyologie.

Where can you shop Beautyologie?

Beautyologie's online shop is available here. Categories of products include body, facial care, hair, scents and makeup.


What brands are on Beautyologie?

With 17 brands and counting, Beautyologie is already making an impact on the beauty world. Some of our favorite brands we've tried out and that are available for purchase on Beautyologie include Tierra & Lava, Terres D'Afrique and Katari Beauty.


What countries are represented on Beautyologie?

One thing we love about Beautyologie is that the brands come from all over the world. Chile, Bangladesh, Mozambique and Uganda are just some of the countries represented on Beautyologie.


What does it mean to be fair-trade?

For a company to be considered fair-trade, they have to adhere to sustainable practices while also being ethically made. This means that sweatshops, cheap labor, bad working conditions and discrimination won't be tolerated.

We don't know about you, but we like to know where our beauty products come from, and it's such a relief that each and every product on Beautyologie gives the promise that they were made with transparency and respect.


Why should you buy fair-trade products?

If you're still not convinced that you should be buying fair-trade products, consider this. What if we told you a current beauty product you use was packaged by a child in a third-world country? What if we told you they were paid pennies on the dollar? This is unacceptable and exactly the sort of reason why we pledge to buy and support more fair-trade products and brands.



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