These Bebe Rexha Lyrics Make the Best Instagram Captions

We're always on the hunt for some awesome inspiration for our Instagram.

Thankfully, our girl Bebe Rexha's incredible music has some truly moving lyrics that are perfect for capturing all our many adventures.

Keep scrolling for 10 Bebe Rexha lyrics that make the best Instagram captions.

For a photo of you embracing your inner child:

"I don't wanna grow up. I'm still naive, young, wild, and free." 

-"I Don't Wanna Grow Up"


For a photo of you making a goofy face at the camera:

"I'm tired of trying to be normal." 

-"I'm Gonna Show You Crazy


For a photo of you cuddling up to your S.O.:

"I'll never get enough of you."



For a photo calling out the haters:

"So sick of your crooked smile and your counterfeit soul." 

-"Cry Wolf"


For a smiley photo of you and your BFF:

"Without you I'm not whole." 



For a photo of you giving your pet that one extra treat:

"When it comes to you I can't say no." 

-"Self Control"


For a photo of when you're feeling like you need a friend:

"Living in the fast lane is getting kind of lonely." 



For a photo of you enjoying a nice day out in nature:

"I'll follow where the wind blows." 



For a photo of you and your siblings not quite getting along:

"I can only take you in small doses." 

-"Small Doses"

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For a photo of when you're feeling particularly hopeful about the future:

"It's gonna be a good, good life."

-"I'm a Mess"


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