Becky Hammon Becomes First Female Coach In NBA!

Earlier this week, WNBA veteran Becky Hammon made headlines when she was hired as the first full-time assistant coach in the NBA!becky hammon spurs nba

Hammon is a celebrated basketball player who has spent 16 years on the court. After finishing a final season with the WNBA's San Antonio Stars, she'll take an assistant coach position with the San Antonio Spurs.

Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, first became aware of Hammon's incredible knowledge of the sport last year, after Hammon suffered a torn ligament. As she recovered from her injury, Hammon spent time attending Spurs' practices, games and coaching meetings, where she proved her mettle.

As an assistant coach, she will work closely with Popovich on scouting, practices, game planning and a lot more.

While Hammon has admitted that it's unlikely women will ever be able to play competitively in the NBA, she said there's no reason women can't coach the sport just as well as men.

"When it comes to things of the mind, things like coaching, game-planning, coming up with offensive and defensive schemes, there's no reason why a woman couldn't be in the mix and shouldn't be in the mix," she said in an interview with ESPN.

We hope this is just the first step toward more female coaches in the NBA and beyond!

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