How to Instantly Make Yourself a Better Cheerleader

Looking to kick up your toe touch a few notches?

Cheerleading is a tough sport (yes, it is a sport), and improving your skills is the key to furthering your squad at competitions and games. But between tough AP classes, cheerleading practices and homework, it might feel like you have no time to spruce up your skills. Here are five easy ways you can instantly make yourself a better cheerleader without adding to your current workload.

Up Your Cardio Outside Practice

Cheering a whole game or nailing a competition routine takes a ton of endurance. An easy way to make them a breeze is to up your cardio outside of practice. Add a 10-minute run to your gym workouts, or even take a nice jog around the block on weekends.


Take a Tumbling Class

One of the most fun parts of cheerleading is watching the acrobatics. Whether you're perfecting your cartwheel or a back flip, every cheerleader can benefit from taking a tumbling class to hone those gymnastics skills.


Practice on a Trampoline

Not only is bouncing around on a trampoline super fun, it's also a good way to practice your jumps, tumbling moves, and build up quad and calf strength.


Stretch While You Watch TV

Flexibility is so important but tends to be overlooked. You'll have an insane Russian in no time if you stretch while you watch TV or do your homework.


Practice Your Jumps Each Morning

Kickstart your day by practicing all the major cheer jumps—a pike, a russian, a double-eight and a hercules. Doing these daily will significantly improve your jumps in just a few weeks!


Pay Attention in Class

Okay so what does class have to do with cheerleading? The more you pay attention during school hours, the less you'll have to study after school. Which means… more time for cheerleading and stunting!


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