Here's How My Childhood Dream of Becoming a Princess Came True

Belle has always been my favorite princess.

She's fearless, intelligent—just gorgeous, and is the only person I know who can flawlessly pull off the color yellow.

When I was younger, I was Belle for just about every Halloween and she was the only princess I cared about meeting at Disneyland. I worshiped the princess so much that my mom even had one of her friends craft a handmade costume for me, which I accidentally ripped pretty quickly into owning. Sorry, mom!

Young girl and boy with Belle lookalike at Disneyland

(Why my parents let me out of the house looking like this, I'll never know)

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My fondest and earliest memory of the princess is when she stopped by my 4th birthday party. I remember being completely awestruck when she walked through the door, and I never left her side until it was finally time for her to bid adieu.

So when I was given the opportunity to become my favorite princess, thanks to Once Upon an Island, it was literally a dream come true.

My transformation into Belle started with plenty of makeup and an impeccably-styled wig. Once my makeover was complete, I donned Belle's exquisite ball gown and felt a rush of emotions.

Girl dressed as Belle

(Still can't believe I was Belle! What to heck?!)

Tears started forming in my eyes when I finally saw myself made up like the very princess I have admired for years. There's really no better way to describe this full-circle moment than magical.

All my life I wanted to be Belle and I was finally her. The joy was overwhelmingly reminiscent of how I felt when I first interacted with the princess at 4 years old. I want to feel like that every day!

As cheesy as this sounds, my princess experience reminded me to never give up on my dreams and indulge my inner-child from time to time. If I were able to tell my younger self that one day she'd be her very favorite princess in the whole wide world, she wouldn't believe me. Yet here she is, all grown up and a fairytale princess in her own right.

I still can't thank the wonderful ladies at Once Upon an Island enough for making my childhood dreams a reality.

All I have left to say is, if you can dream it, be it!????

Girl dressed as Belle in front of a floral background

(Tale as old as time!)


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