Brighten Your Bedroom With These Beautiful Bulbs

Decorating homes like gingerbread houses with colorful bulbs is a top priority during the holiday season. Dress up your own room like a firefly forest or the nerd den you've always dreamed of inhabiting.

The beautiful bulbs below may range from whimsical to functional, but every single selection is sure to brighten up your bedroom in the best way possible. Scroll below to find your perfect illuminated inspiration.

Pastel Bulb String Lights: $36

These vintage-style bulbs add elegance to any bedroom while also maintaining a hint of the holiday season. While they have some retro Christmas vibes, they would still work all year long.

Pastel bulb string lights

(via Urban Outfitters)


Photo Clip String Lights: $21.99

These functional string lights will keep your favorite photos illuminated all night long.

Clothes pin string lights for photographs

(via Tillys)


Pizza Slice String Lights: $24.99

The only thing wrong with these bulbs is they may have you craving a slice 24/7. Who's up for delivery?

Pizza slice string lights

(via Nordstrom)


Gold Lantern String Lights: $28

These unique gold lanterns will produce a gorgeous pattern of light across your walls at night while maintaining their beauty in the light of day.

Gold lantern string lights

(via Urban Outfitters)


Unicorn String Lights: $29.99

These unicorn lights are equal parts marshmallow and magical.

Unicorn string lights

(via Modcloth)


Firefly String Lights: $28

Make your entire bedroom into a firefly forest with these lightning bug string lights.

Firefly string lights

(via Urban Outfitters)


Disco Ball String Lights: $20

Get down and boogie with these disco balls that will reflect dance floor vibes all over your walls.

Disco ball string lights

(via Nordstrom)


Star Wars BB-8 String Lights: $19.99 

BB-8 may just be the cutest astromech of them all. These string lights will provide the final touch to your ideal nerd den.

BB8 string lights

(via Barnes and Noble)


Scrabble String Lights: $37

Gameboard lovers need these square lights that come with letter stickers so you can create your own illuminated message. Would you choose to make a sweet sign or pack your lights with a high-point word?

Scrabble string lights

(via Nordstrom)


Gold Star String Lights: $17.99

Gorgeous in gold, these multi-sized star lights are perfect for a whimsically decorated bedroom.

Gold star string lights

(via Modcloth)


Bluetooth Speaker String Lights: $50

These Bluetooth string lights put the fun in functional. Jam to your favorite tunes while basking in the beauty of your bedroom bulbs.

String lights with bluetooth

(via Urban Outfitters)


Finding Dory String Lights: $19.99

These Dory lights will perk up your spirits on days when you're feeling as blue as this tang fish. Dory may be Pixar's most forgetful character, but she's also an audience favorite.

Finding Dory string lights

(via Barnes and Noble)


Mini Lantern String Lights: $17.99

These mini-lanterns have a woodsy feel that would pair perfectly with a rustically decorated bedroom.

Mini lantern string lights

(via Modcloth)


Cat Face String Lights: $21.99

Cat lovers rejoice because there is yet another kitty product to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cat face string lights

(via Modcloth)


Celestial Globe String Lights: $41

These globes are electrifying. String them in your outer space inspired bedroom or use them to illuminate your rock and roll posters.

Celestial bulb string lights



These bulbs will instantly light up even the most minimalist of bedrooms. If yours could use a revamp, check out THESE simple feng shui tips for adding some good vibes to your room.