This Creative Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet Makes the Perfect Gift for Meat-Lovers in Your Life

If you often find yourself shopping for gifts for guys, you might find that it can be tough.

Dads, in particular, already seem to have everything they want, and just shrug and ask for nothing when you inquire about what's on their wish list. That was a big part of the inspiration behind Manly Man Co. and their innovative Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet, and when the team behind the brand reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing, I had to say yes. Keeping reading to find out more about the brand, and most importantly, how their unique and delightful jerky bouquets actually taste.

The Brand

Manly Man Co. is a brand that's all about gifts for guys, and they're best known for their beef jerky flowers, bacon-and-chocolate roses and other meaty bouquets. The idea came when the founders realized there wasn't an equivalent of a bouquet of flowers for men. Since many "manly men" are avid meat-eaters and foodies, the idea of an edible and artisanal jerky bouquet was soon born and spun off into a number of other glorious ideas as well.

The Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet is their most iconic offering, featuring a dozen beef jerky "flowers" with soft beef "petals" and their "stems" made of jerky sticks blending beef and pork with spices. They're available in four flavors—original, teriyaki, hot or mixed—and arrive in a custom box fully assembled within a pint glass "vase."

And if you love the brand's offerings but the recipient isn't exactly a "manly man," you're in luck. Since there are plenty of non-men who'd also appreciate a beef jerky bouquet, they also recently launched Awesome Gifts Co., offering the same awesome options with non-gender-specific branding.

The delicious mixed bouquet I was sent currently retails for $59.

Manly Man flower bouquet in box

(via Manly Man Co.)


The Bouquet

I was so excited when my bouquet arrived in the mail, all securely packed up within a black box. Inside, the jerky flowers were totally intact, amazing and came packed in airtight plastic within the pint glass to keep them ultra-fresh until I cut in with a pair of scissors to fully unveil them. A plastic ring supported the perfectly arranged jerky flowers, and I quickly put the "vase" out for my family to enjoy.

many man flower bouquet in box with knife

(via Manly Man Co.)

Of course, I couldn't resist trying them immediately. The first one I went for happened to be the original flavor, and it was love at first bite. The petals were made of soft and slightly sweet beef jerky rounds with a texture a little bit like pepperoni, and the jerky stick serving as the stem was seasoned to perfection. Flavor-wise, it exceeded all of my expectations and made me excited to move on to the next flavor.

Manly Man Jerky Company bouquet at home

Next, I dug into another flower with redder "petals," which seemed to be embedded with pepper flakes. The flavor on these sticks was no joke. There was definitely a kick of heat to the petals, but the sticks themselves were scorching with hot pepper flavor, and after just a couple of bites I found myself reaching for a drink to save my tastebuds. If you love spicy food, you'll adore this spicy flavor—but if you're a wimp about heat, this might be one I'd avoid!

Last, but definitely not least, I tried the darkest of the bunch—the teriyaki. These meaty sticks were balanced out with a hint of sweetness mixed with soy sauce to be my favorite in the whole collection, and they were also the first to get all gobbled up. In fact, my family adored them all, and the bouquet of a dozen sticks lasted less than 24 hours in my household. It was also just as popular with the women as it was with the men—and the family dogs definitely watched with jealousy as we chowed down. And then, at the end of the process, we also had a really nice pint glass to enjoy—also acting as a nice souvenir of our great experience with Manly Man Co.


Bottom Line

In terms of presentation and flavor, there really isn't anything that compares to Manly Man Co. and their Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet. The jerky pieces really do look like flowers, the pint glass makes a great presentational "vase" and it all comes neatly packed up so that nothing falls out of place. It's also delicious, no matter which flavor you go with, even if the hot flavor may be a bit too adventurous for some.

If there's any downside, it's that it's a bit costly when you break it down into the components of a dozen jerky flowers and a pint glass. However, because the experience is memorable and truly unique, it warrants the extra cost. Unless someone's not a meat-eater, we can't imagine that they'd be unimpressed with this innovative gift.

Manly Man flower in mug with knife

(via Manly Man Co.)


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