11 Instagram Captions for Your Throwback Pics From Before Quarantine

Quarantine was the unexpected surprise of 2020.

Before lockdown went into effect, you never would have thought you'd spend the last few months locked in your house. While this time is hard in many ways, the toll it's taking on your social media accounts is impossible to ignore. What are you supposed to post when every day looks exactly the same?

While you might not have any new content right now, you can keep your Insta alive by posting old pics from the days before quarantine was a thing. Keep scrolling for 11 Instagram captions for throwback pics from right before quarantine.

For a pic of you enjoying some much-needed time with your friends before the world went crazy:

"If only we could turn back time."

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For a photo acknowledging that things just aren't the best right now:

"A throwback to better times."


For a photo when you'd rather relive happy days than face what the future holds:

"Avoiding the future by trying to live in the past."


For a photo of the last trip you took before quarantine started:

"Wake me up when we can travel again."


For a pic of your last day with your BFF before the lockdown:

"We didn't know at the time how precious this day really was."

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For a photo of you out to eat at your favorite restaurant:

"The good old days."


For your favorite pre-quarantine solo shot:

"Back when my hands weren't raw from washing them so much."


For a photo of you just hanging out all by yourself:

"I practiced social distancing before it was cool."


For a photo of you soaking in the pre-lockdown sun:

"Dreaming of mask-free days outdoors."

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For a photo of you and your friends absolutely not social distancing:

"I'm not taking this for granted ever again."


For a gorgeous photo from your favorite vacation destination:

"Hey, travel. I'm ready when you are."


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