Before You Exit is a pop-rock band consisting of brothers Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough. They recently performed at Winter Lights 2013 alongside Kalin & Myles, Exclamation Point and more! They also recently released the hit song “Soldier”!Before You Exit

We spoke with the band about how they got started and about some of the milestones of their career in a recent interview!

The McDonough brothers were into music from the very beginning.

“Ever since we were really young our dad got us into performing and playing music and we loved it ever since,” the brothers explained.

Their father had played keyboard in a band in college, and instilled his love for music into each of his sons.

“The band was formed over time as all three of us realized music is what we wanted to,” they explained.

The group has been performing and playing together since they could talk, but the band officially started playing music together as “Before You Exit” on August 3, 2012.

Over time, the McDonough brothers each found their calling within the band with Riley on bass and piano, Connor on guitar, piano, keyboard and sax and the youngest brother Toby, on guitar and keyboard. Each brother sings in the band as well.

“It all kind of just happened naturally!” they explained. “We never really planned anything out, each one of us just took our place in the band.”

The named the band “Before You Exit” after one of their favorite quotes.

“The meaning is to ‘make a difference, before you exit,’” they explained. “Something we’ve been very big on ever since the beginning.”

They explained that their musical influences range from John Mayer to Rascall Flatts and Maroon 5, but that they actually love all types of music.

The band also writes all of their own songs.

“It’s usually a group effort off of personal experiences,” the band said. “We all write melody and lyrics.”

Earlier this year, the band traveled to Singapore and Malaysia to perform for fans there. The band said the experience was “amazing!”

“We have some incredible fans over there that are just the best supporters in the world,” they said. “Couldn’t be more grateful.”

Next, the band plans to write even more music and continue touring!

“We’ve been staying super busy writing and producing new songs,” they said.

We can’t wait to see what Before You Exit will be up to next!

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