Beginning Boutique Founder Sarah Timmerman Shares Her Style and Fave Trends

You know that feeling when you walk into a high-end store and you feel like you're not welcome?

Sarah Timmerman was all too familiar with that unfortunate feeling—and that's one of the reasons she decided to create Beginning Boutique. The Aussie-founded fashion destination was made with every girl in mind, and we can speak from experience when we say it's one of our absolute favorite stores to shop at. We wanted to learn even more about the store and Sarah's journey, so we sat down with her for an exclusive interview, which you can read, below!

Name: Sarah Timmerman

IG Handle: Saraht_bb

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Traveling was what made Sarah start to rethink her relationship with style.

"I spent two years in the Netherlands and this was a whole new world of style where people wore what they wanted without judgment. There was a major mix of styles and personalities—this made me rethink style and what it meant. The moment I knew I wanted to open a store was in Paris, I was shopping in an incredible store called Collette and it made me realize that style is all about expressing yourself and helping other people to have fun doing that."

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2. Her personal style is always changing.

"It changes every day. Somedays I want to have that clean aesthetic and then the other day I clash prints. I'm inspired by our customers and their tags on our social media and what our team puts together."


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3. She created Beginning Boutique with the hopes of reaching women from every background.

"I wanted to create a store that cared about their customers. In my hometown, the stores had great style and clothes, but unless you looked like you had a black Amex it wasn't really the place that took care of you. I wanted to show that Australian fashion was as cool as New York and L.A. to the world. Another passion of mine is to show that female founders and female-led workplaces deserve the same respect from the business community."

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4. Sarah's go-to outfit when she's in a rush is a blazer, black tee and jeans with her new NB 550.


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5. She never gives up.

"The only difference between success and failure is what you choose to do with failures. You have to just try another way. Never give up."

6. Blazers and satin with florals are her favorite style trends at the moment.

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7. Sarah's favorite piece of clothing is the Clemence Jumper ($74.99) from Beginning Boutique.


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8. She loves learning new things.

"I am obsessed with learning new things—so tell me about your favourite trends and recipes!"

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